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Author TOPIC: Junior Pee Wee and Pee Wee!

November 10, 2012
5:46:00 PM

Entry #: 4009714
I have to say there were a lot of pee wee and junior pee wee teams that placed 3rd that should have definitely placed over the 2nd place teams...I think these score sheets should be looked over again!

-New Milford, Water-Oak, and New Fairfield definitely should have placed in the top 2 of their divisions!


November 10, 2012
7:29:32 PM

Entry #: 4009754
It's comments like this that ruin this forum! Congrats to the teams that earned their way to Disney. You all did great and deserve to move on.. Obviously the judges thought so! Lets only post positive comments here.. All teams work hard for their accomplishments! Good luck in Disney!!


November 10, 2012
9:36:12 PM

Entry #: 4009807
I don't think that is fair at all. It's not an easy road to Regionals and all of these girls work hard. We saw that on the mat today, across the board, these teams poured their hearts out and it isn't easy to hear your name in 4th or 3rd. As a Mom, I know how much goes into this and it breaks my heart to see the tears, but I would never take away from another teams accomplishments. I want my daughter to understand and display sportsmanship and recognize that without competition, there is no need for growth. Use this experience to challenge your teams next season! I enjoyed watching Water Oak and hope that their coaches and parents use this experience to inspire them. Congratulations to the teams going to Disney and great job to ALL.

cheer LEADER

November 12, 2012
9:03:11 AM

Entry #: 4010427
water oak in the pee wee division did not do nearly the amount of difficulty as the first and 2nd place team did in that division and that is why they placed 3rd


November 12, 2012
9:10:07 AM

Entry #: 4010432
This post is so unnecessarily negative and the whole reason forums like this get shut down. This directly violates the first sticky post on this forum.


November 12, 2012
9:49:41 AM

Entry #: 4010448
I am the New Milford Cheer Commissioner and I do not tolerate this behavior from any of my parents. I honestly can't believe they would write this since none of my JPW parents know about the forum. I am very sorry, I did not know about the name attached until reading just now. We wish the best of luck to all going to Nationals!!! Bring home the trophies girls!!!!


November 12, 2012
10:11:19 AM

Entry #: 4010460
as an impartial bystander watching this division, all teams did great but i have to disagree in the comment that water-oak had less difficulty than the 2nd place team theyre overall routine was better. but its all selective on what you like to see..but i place skill level to water-oak, with the exception of everett who were amazing! good luck girls

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