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Author TOPIC: Level 3 clarification

August 26, 2013
4:50:33 PM

Entry #: 4085857
It is not clearly stated in the rule book so I was wondering if anyone knows if you can half up to extension in Level 3?


August 27, 2013
12:49:07 AM

Entry #: 4085952
From the Level 3 Rules:
Teams are permitted to perform 360 to or from prep (shoulder) height provided they do not stop in an extended position. Examples would be full up to a prep, or fast forward from a prep.


August 27, 2013
12:50:06 AM

Entry #: 4085953
The way I am reading it .. you can half up or full up only to prep.


August 27, 2013
1:05:49 AM

Entry #: 4085959
• In stunts, twisting is limited to 360/full and to prep level ONLY (A 360/full up directly to extension would be ILLEGAL).


August 27, 2013
1:10:44 AM

Entry #: 4085960
Twisting during the load in/mount is limited to one full twist by the flyer and or the bases, (bases may turn up to 1/2 during load in and execution of stunt to create the full twist) simultaneously and only to prep level.


August 27, 2013
10:46:47 AM

Entry #: 4086024
You have to read the rules for lower levels, because the rule book does not spell out everything once you move up a level - so whatever is legal for level 2 is legal for level 3. Level 2 allows extended 2 legs and prep one leg stunts. Level 2 allows 1/2 turn by the flyer only, so you can 1/2 twist to a 2 leg extention or 1 leg prep. Bases cannot turn. Level 3 now allows you to 360 to a prep - either the flyer can turn 360, or the flyer does a 1/2 and the bases do a 1/2. However, since 1/2 twist in level 2 to an extention is legal, the rule follows to level 3 - the flyer can 1/2 twist to extention, but the bases cannot turn. I would think that the flyer could also 1/2 twist to extended one leg, because you can do an extended one leg in level 3. As long as the flyer's body does not twist more than 1/2 to the extention, it should be legal. Again the bases cannot turn. Hope this helps

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