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Author TOPIC: Advanced Team Division Info
Cheering Mommah

September 18, 2013
3:16:32 PM

Entry #: 4091789
Just saw on the National Website that ESPN3 will deliver the Advanced Division of Pop Warner Cheerleading LIVE on Thursday December 12, 2013. Go advanced teams of New England!


September 18, 2013
3:24:33 PM

Entry #: 4091794
Yes, all P4 teams will compete on Thursday, including Jr.Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. Midgets & Midgets. All P4 teams can make their reservations to Disney now also.

Cheering Mommah

September 18, 2013
3:26:52 PM

Entry #: 4091796
Thanks Lynette. Gonna have to take the day off to watch or DVR the competition. Love watch it on TV, Hope i have ESPN3.

Paula G

September 18, 2013
5:39:02 PM

Entry #: 4091838
That's great for the level 4 teams but what about all the other levels that work hard all season for the top 2 spots at nationals? All teams should be treated the same. No one division should get a free ride. Just saying!!!


September 18, 2013
8:39:51 PM

Entry #: 4091863
agreed paula G!!!!!!

Lisa Sachmom

September 19, 2013
6:59:54 AM

Entry #: 4091915
If an organization brings forth a group of girls that are level 4 I say kudos to them!! They will have competition and that will be at Nationals and in the past, those teams have brought home trophies and represented the New England Region with the ability and pride and are well deserving.
*just to make a note, I am not with an organization that has level 4 cheerleaders.


September 19, 2013
9:55:10 AM

Entry #: 4091949
Well said Lisa! Agreed! It is an undertaking to go level 4! Kudos to those teams that are doing it! Good Luck to them at Nationals!


September 19, 2013
11:10:29 AM

Entry #: 4091970
Perhaps the level 3 teams of last year should attempt level 4 this year? We as coaches need to push them to be the best they can be and it was clear last year that there are teams that are "ready". I really dislike the term "free ride". It is so unfair to these girls who work so hard night in and night out (and tumbling classes too). They work as hard as every other cheerleader out there and the term "free ride" to them, is so hurtful. They need to do away with that term in my opinion.

Cheer Fan75

September 19, 2013
11:45:22 AM

Entry #: 4091990
Football Cheery normally I agree with you about pushing the athletes. I did that last season with a Level 4 team. However, because of this rule that is in place regarding declarations for future seasons, I wouldn't necessarily encourage it anymore. My team is paying the price this season being forced to go Level 4 with less than half of the team returning. (Being corced to compete Level 4 just because we were Level 4 last year). It makes me reconsider ever going Level 4 again...especially if you feel as if many of your current athletes won't be returning. My team is being set up to fail before we even compete.


September 19, 2013
11:55:48 AM

Entry #: 4091996
Cheer Fan - I agree with you 100% My point was if you have a roster with less than 50% returning from the previous season you should be allowed to declare down. It is when you have a team with 75% or more of the same athletes that remain on the same team that should push - especially if that team takes 1st at Nationals or Regions. But that is out of our hands.


September 19, 2013
1:03:59 PM

Entry #: 4092008
Cheerfan 75 - I saw your dilemma on another post, it stated that you had 14 returning girls and you split your team - A small lvl 1, and A med Lvl 3
if all 14 returning girls from last years level 4 team are on your med 3 team? than that is = 58% returning..... if this is correct then the rule apply ... you changed squad sizes, but kept all the girls ?
the unfortunate part is that you were not aware and not informed that your team needed to be level 4 so late / I'm sure the routine was already done.... best of luck
see U at nationals


September 19, 2013
1:18:34 PM

Entry #: 4092012
awe here we go every year.... level 4 free ride
blah blah , words words,
this usually gets me upset as a mom of a level 4 kid but then, its even funnier when they actually see the routine, and are speechless, jaw dropped, and trying to figure out what just happened on the floor !!
go level 4 !! if all the planets align and your team has the skills !! go for it !! see you at nationals !!


September 19, 2013
2:19:33 PM

Entry #: 4092035
LOL - couldn't have said it better myself cheer fan!

Cheer Fan75

September 19, 2013
2:30:20 PM

Entry #: 4092045
Burch1 I understand that NOW. But since this "rule" is nowhere in writing...we were under the assumption the rule was based on the entire A Team as a whole. As a whole we have 34 A Team athletes. 14 are returning from Level 4 last year. That makes less than half the team. I just think there should be more clarification before the season starts on these rules so the teams don't have to pay the price down the road. Regardless we are going to the make the best of it. It's just unfortunate now that with two weeks left before competition I now have to redo my entire routine and the music.

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