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Author TOPIC: E team invites??

October 13, 2013
8:08:46 AM

Entry #: 4097296
I was wondering if anyone new if any of the e teams were going to be invites to the Tsongas? A few of those teams looked really good and it would be a shame if they didn't get another chance to perform. They all work so hard . Plus with the obvious decline in the number of teams it seems keeping the young girls interested would be in pop Warner's best interest


October 13, 2013
9:29:40 AM

Entry #: 4097304
can someone please post a list of who won yesterday in Lawrence ? and possible whos is
moving on to EMASS.



October 13, 2013
11:49:31 AM

Entry #: 4097330
Yes there were a few E teams invited to go to EMASS. Congrats to all of the teams yesterday!


October 13, 2013
12:46:36 PM

Entry #: 4097344
Which teams got the invite?


October 14, 2013
9:05:19 AM

Entry #: 4097502
Cheerfan11 I posted the ones I was positive off for you but I put it under the wrong thread I put it under the Conn.State fun comp.the ones I know for sure are
Pee Wee level 1 chance where the Wakefield warriors
Pw m 2 Dracut was the level 2 grand champs moving on billerica triton methuen L 2 sagus moving on pw 3 champs
Everett I don't know who moved on from small level 2 or any of the level ones except for the champs and I don't know level 3 except for the champs
A 3 champs Revere
A md 2 champs Dracut moving on triton Billerica and there was one more from that level I just don't know which one I wasn't at that competition just what I was told that's all I know for sure of who's moving on from Saturday's competition

Pointedtoes W

October 14, 2013
9:35:18 AM

Entry #: 4097510
So who out of JM L2 med is moving on to the regional comp so far?There are so many different reports.

Miccal C

October 14, 2013
8:44:04 PM

Entry #: 4097667
I was wondering if Wilmington "E team" was one of the teams that were invited to Tsongas? I think they did wonderful. All the e teams were great to watch. When I was leaving Lawrence high I seen a few of the young ladies from the different e teams looking sad. Thank you.


October 14, 2013
10:09:00 PM

Entry #: 4097701
My daughter is on the Wilmington e team that is why I started this post.... She work so hard and was hoping to go to another competition. They had a great time. I was happy to hear there were e teams being invited but since we haven't heard anything I am assuming Wilmington wasn't one of them

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