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Author TOPIC: favorites

October 14, 2013
11:27:54 AM

Entry #: 4097533
Who were some peoples favorite performances?

Pointedtoes W

October 14, 2013
1:32:50 PM

Entry #: 4097569
Derby is always fun to watch. Milford L4 and L3 awesome, West Haven JM and JPW, New Milford JPW too. all these teams stood out this year. They all had a little bit of a different style.

Love Cheer :

October 14, 2013
1:36:38 PM

Entry #: 4097572
Did you see how Wolcott Midgets were?

Team CF

October 14, 2013
1:52:15 PM

Entry #: 4097574
love cheer were are you from?

Love Cheer :

October 14, 2013
2:06:53 PM

Entry #: 4097578
Team CF: New York

Team CF

October 14, 2013
2:18:54 PM

Entry #: 4097586
Love cheer. How many Midgets large level 3 in your region. We have 6.

Love Cheer :

October 14, 2013
2:42:18 PM

Entry #: 4097593
I only know of Riverside, NJ, so far. I haven't really started to look at other teams. I was just wondering about NE because they tend to have good M Large 3 teams compete in Nationals. How are the New England teams in that division doing?

Amish J

October 14, 2013
9:57:29 PM

Entry #: 4097695
Do you know how Watertown and Wolcott were i heard they were good also Milford! They are always fun to watch

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