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Author TOPIC: Hockomock pw 3 A teams

October 20, 2013
5:46:41 PM

Entry #: 4098874
are there any pw3 a teams in Hockomock if so who are they??????

Suzanne G

October 20, 2013
6:59:53 PM

Entry #: 4098895
A Med 3: North Attleboro and KP

A lg 3: Plymouth

Our leagues are Saturday! Good luck to all your teams competing!!

cheer2Bhappy !

October 20, 2013
11:12:31 PM

Entry #: 4098944
What about jpw???


October 21, 2013
9:09:11 AM

Entry #: 4099000
How about JM Small PW2?


October 21, 2013
9:33:24 AM

Entry #: 4099014
Suzanne, do you have an OOA that you can share.

Suzanne G

October 21, 2013
7:37:16 PM

Entry #: 4099221
Junior Pee Wee teams don't compete in the Hockomock league.

JM Sm 2 teams are Taunton and Westwood. I saw Taunton 2 weeks ago. Very clean, hit everything.

Sorry I don't have an OOA that is copy and pasteable!

lovetocheer129 9

October 22, 2013
2:26:39 PM

Entry #: 4099469
Any Pee Wee Med 3 from Hockomock???

Suzanne G

October 24, 2013
10:58:26 AM

Entry #: 4099937
lovetocheer129 9: only North Attleboro.

My program is hosting our leagues this weekend at our local HS. I'll post results afterwards! Going to be a super busy couple of days leading up to it!

Love Cheer :

October 24, 2013
11:20:16 AM

Entry #: 4099940
Will you post all results?! If so, thank you soo much!!

Suzanne G

October 24, 2013
11:24:44 AM

Entry #: 4099942
I'll try to catch everything I can! Hock doesn't post results online or anything, so its only what I hear when I'm in the gym. I'll definitely catch my team's division! JM Med 2!

Fifi S

October 24, 2013
11:45:46 AM

Entry #: 4099952
Suzann - have you ever seen the Plymouth midgets?

Suzanne G

October 24, 2013
11:53:05 AM

Entry #: 4099956
Fifi S - not this season, sorry!

Plymouth is generally a strong program. They tend to always have large teams, so they always move on as there aren't a lot of large teams in Hock, we tend to have a LOT of medium teams across the 1, 2 and 3 levels. There's 9 medium teams in my division alone this weekend!

Lissa B

October 24, 2013
11:57:46 AM

Entry #: 4099957
Suzanne ~ You have been so helpful with information! Thank you!

Who are the other teams in JM M 2 that you're going against? That's a lot of teams!


Suzanne G

October 24, 2013
12:11:24 PM

Entry #: 4099959
Lissa B - Thank you! No problem on the info, sorry my OOA is not copy and pasteable (its an excel spreadsheet with way too much crazy info on there).

I'm always out looking for information on other teams we may run up against, so if I can help others, great!

I'm from the Bellingham Pop Warner program. We're competing against Stoughton, Carver, Medway, Dedham, Randolph/Holbrook, Wareham, Easton and Apponequet (which was a C team that went to nationals last year).

I'm just hoping to do well and have a CLEAN routine!

Love Cheer :

October 24, 2013
1:58:39 PM

Entry #: 4099994
Where can I find the OOA online?!


October 24, 2013
2:47:39 PM

Entry #: 4100006
The OOA link is on the home page of this website.

Love Cheer :

October 24, 2013
4:14:20 PM

Entry #: 4100024
I meant the Hockomock one


October 24, 2013
9:06:48 PM

Entry #: 4100106
You can't...It is not posted.


October 25, 2013
12:16:54 PM

Entry #: 4100254
Anyone know the Hockomock JM teams? Any large? And what level?

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