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Author TOPIC: JM large level 2

October 31, 2013
6:07:03 PM

Entry #: 4101766
What does everyone think will happen at regionals with this division?

Latanya E

November 2, 2013
8:53:38 PM

Entry #: 4102241
I think it's anybodies game in this division!

Lissa B

November 2, 2013
9:25:27 PM

Entry #: 4102247
I think it'll be a really tough division - with 18 teams!!

My prediction, however, is that Derby, Billerica and West Haven will be fighting for those top 2 spots ~ but I'm NOT counting ANYONE out!

GOOD LUCK to ALL teams!!


November 2, 2013
9:48:21 PM

Entry #: 4102253
Those teams are medium ...large is everett Stafford Mansfield Franklin and north middlesex

Lissa B

November 2, 2013
10:09:54 PM

Entry #: 4102256
LOL!! Oops!!!

That was embarassing!

GOOD LUCK to all the LARGE teams!


November 3, 2013
5:39:40 PM

Entry #: 4102386
Does anyone know how Mansfield looks? And are there any invites in this division?


November 6, 2013
9:20:25 AM

Entry #: 4103022
There are no invites in this division. Any predictions?

Suzanne G

November 6, 2013
9:50:56 AM

Entry #: 4103034
Franklin took 1st at Hockomock. I didn't see their routine, but I do know their scores were about 90.

Mansfield came in 2nd and their scores were right behind them (high 80s or low 90s).

Best of luck to the teams in this division this weekend!!

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