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Author TOPIC: Video
Joyce R

November 10, 2013
8:58:56 AM

Entry #: 4103836
Can someone tell me who I can order the video from for the New England Regionals? Thanks.

Susan H

November 10, 2013
4:12:34 PM

Entry #: 4103905
It is Varsity Media or


November 10, 2013
8:24:41 PM

Entry #: 4103950
How about where to order the photos from for New England Regionals? I thought it was Midcoast Photos but not seeing them up there.


November 11, 2013
2:04:18 PM

Entry #: 4104074
I see some kind of highlight video there but no specifics... Am i lost? haha!

Fifi S

November 14, 2013
8:32:53 PM

Entry #: 4104658
Does anyone know how much $ the video was last week?

Kelly L

November 14, 2013
8:47:06 PM

Entry #: 4104660
It is varsity media. Cheermom that highlight video is from a couple years ago.. I think you have to call to order.

Alyssa C

December 3, 2013
5:02:02 PM

Entry #: 4107197
I ordered a video

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