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Author TOPIC: Question about set up of 11/16 Competition
Kathleen F

November 10, 2013
4:57:37 PM

Entry #: 4103911
I have the diagram of the venue. Can anyone tell me where the judges sit? We are trying to figyre out to wher to tell the parents to sit!

Thanks and good luck to all.


November 10, 2013
5:19:56 PM

Entry #: 4103920
Historically they sit on the left side the girls enter them t directly across and come from behind the Pop Warner New England wall sign. So that side of the arena is blocked off.


November 10, 2013
6:59:12 PM

Entry #: 4103940
Section 9 is center and the judges are in front of it. Hope that helps:)

Kathleen F

November 11, 2013
10:55:38 AM

Entry #: 4104024
Thanks so much!!!


November 11, 2013
7:21:58 PM

Entry #: 4104143
???? Order of appearance is selected randonmly and not by score right?

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