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Author TOPIC: Regional Scores
Sarah B

November 10, 2013
10:48:02 PM

Entry #: 4103968
When will the scores for regionals be out? and where will they be posted?

Suzanne G

November 11, 2013
10:59:53 AM

Entry #: 4104025
Do they post only those teams who were trophied or everyone? It'd be nice to know where the teams stood, especially in the larger divisions (like JM med 2!!)

Sarah S

November 11, 2013
1:26:54 PM

Entry #: 4104062
I THINK they only post the top 5 teams scores in each division, but I'm not 100% positive on that...It would definitely be nice to see how all the teams scored!

Susan H

November 12, 2013
11:39:03 AM

Entry #: 4104255
Scores from 11/9 have been posted on the New England Pop Warner Web Site.


November 13, 2013
10:48:11 AM

Entry #: 4104426
I've been looking around the country for results and it's getting really ridiculous how many teams go to nationals without having to actually compete against anyone and no minimum score.clean it up pop warner!!this is becoming a joke!


November 13, 2013
12:40:21 PM

Entry #: 4104453
got2luvit-your comment is not welcomed on this friendly board. Please take your negativity and post it somewhere else. Thanks! Good luck to all the teams this weekend.

caron s

November 13, 2013
2:11:01 PM

Entry #: 4104472
I think its unfair that a team scores less than 70 points and gets to move on to nationals


November 13, 2013
6:44:26 PM

Entry #: 4104502
There should ABSOLUTELY be a minimum score for team to qualify for Nationals. Some of the scores were horrendous.

ke w

November 14, 2013
9:12:48 AM

Entry #: 4104556
Just curious - what is considered a bad score.


November 14, 2013
9:38:36 AM

Entry #: 4104565
A long time ago, the scores were posted and there were many negative comments. Then the scores were not shown any more, and there were several complaints that pop warner was hiding things. I am glad to see the scores are posted again, but all the whining about who gets to go to nationals, and who doesn't, and it's not fair, and blah blah blah will get the forum shut down AGAIN and stop the spread of information and fun. Time to teach your children that not every one gets the brass ring. You can work hard, and still not make it. My kids have been on both sides - the winning side, and the side that goes nowhere. They cry, they survive, and they return and work hard again. Life's lessons.

Suzanne G

November 14, 2013
12:41:29 PM

Entry #: 4104602
I would absolutely love to see all the scores. That's the way it's done in all-star competitions and I think its very informative for the coaches, cheerleaders and parents. How else are you going to grow and improve if you don't know where everyone else stands?! When I do know scores, I always tell my team, that .5 difference, that could be the difference between your transition bump and the other team not bumping or another team hitting their motions in the right places and your sloppy high V. That information motivates them. Knowledge is power and the more we can know as coaches, the more we can help our athletes succeed!

cheer143 1

November 14, 2013
1:17:21 PM

Entry #: 4104607
Suzanne- I completely agree with you. Well put. I enjoy having all the tools I can to motivate my team. Why not put it all out there? Sometimes that's the only way to put things into perspective for the kids. Explaining to them that a sloppy transition, touch down, bobble etc can cost them a .5 and that a .5 can be the difference between first and third is the only way to make it connect with them sometimes. Revealing scores is a good thing if it's approached in the right manner by the right people. Just my two cents!

Alyssa C

December 3, 2013
4:37:57 PM

Entry #: 4107175
Where are the scores posted

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