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Author TOPIC: Qualifing scores
Alice W

November 6, 2014
11:08:09 AM

Entry #: 4151757
Is there a score that a team must get in order to advance to Nationals from Regionals??
so if there is only 2 teams in a certain division they would both advance automatically to Nationals?? or if one of those teams or both scored very low compared to other teams in their level but not their size?
my question i guess is... is there some score or qualification that they must meet to represent their region? or is it just automatic??

Chris K

November 6, 2014
11:16:26 AM

Entry #: 4151760
There is not a qualifying score to go to Nationals. If there are two teams, they will automatically move forward. I do think there should be a minimum score though, so the teams without competition regionally can compete with themselves and have a goal to attain. I think the girls(and boys) would grow more that way. But I must say, the Nationals experience is one that the girls(boys) will take with them forever as a beautiful memory. Whether or not they had competition regionally or not.


November 6, 2014
11:17:48 AM

Entry #: 4151761
I believe it's automatic which is incredibly unfair to the teams that have a ton of competition.


November 6, 2014
11:58:27 AM

Entry #: 4151771
I know for states in RI, you have to have a minimum score to move on to regionals. There was a team that came in 1st (as they were the only team competing) but will not move on to regionals as they did not score over a 70.
I would hope that every team that makes it to nationals at least scores a 70.

Alice W

November 6, 2014
12:05:56 PM

Entry #: 4151772
YES! that makes so much more sense Erica I was thinking of this the other day when I had heard the scores of some teams with only themselves or another in the division and I was shocked those teams were under 70 and will go on to Nationals and probably compete against teams that have been scoring in the high 80s locally even 90's

I think its a fair policy I wish all regions would follow this rule


November 6, 2014
12:18:15 PM

Entry #: 4151775
i disagree a team that has no competition in their size may very well score higher than others in the same level its not the teams fault the may be small or large sized


November 6, 2014
12:49:19 PM

Entry #: 4151789
SMP I dont think that is what they are saying, if the team scores higher then they absolutely should go but if a team scores really low like under 70 should they have to meet a standard to go to Nationals most likely if there were 5 teams in their same division and they scored in the 60's they would not have placed top 2

its not their fault but they should still have to meet a minimum score, its fair I agree they should implement this policy


November 6, 2014
12:50:48 PM

Entry #: 4151790
What do you mean?
I'm not sure how other states do it. I just know that there have been teams that do not move on simply because they did not get a high enough score, regardless if they are 1st or 2nd in OSPW. JPW lv 1 medium team did not move on even though they are state champs for that division. They didn't get a high enough score. I think that's fair. It stinks when there are only 1 or 2 teams in a division and they both move on to regionals regardless of score.
What do think is unfair about it? (and just so you know, I'm asking in a friendly way...not confrontational in any way :)


November 6, 2014
1:40:33 PM

Entry #: 4151798
that reply is for SMP


November 6, 2014
2:31:23 PM

Entry #: 4151805
Erica I didnt mean that I thought It was fair I think mygirlcheers cleared up my misunderstanding but thanks for explaining as well , we too would not send our girls with a dismal score . But I think we all know why this happens the almighty $$ is the bottom line and until we as parents and coaches demand changes and stop signing up it wont stop and the moving on will continue as well as the invites (which I think are dumb as well)


November 6, 2014
3:35:03 PM

Entry #: 4151816
I'm actually quite surprised that more leagues do not require a score of 70 or better to more on. I really thought that's how it was for all of pop warner. It really should be... it's not fair to the teams that have fantastic scores but come in 3rd in one division but another team make nationals because there are only 2 teams competing and they have poor scores.
for this to be a true competition, they should really implement a minimum score.

Alice W

November 6, 2014
4:19:59 PM

Entry #: 4151821
It should be a Pop Warner rule it should be uniform across the regions so its fair I agree that some teams may just have a bad day and score really low while at other comps they could have done better but isn't that what a competition is? if they were competing against multiple teams at regionals and they had a bad day then they lose its sad and it sucks but its what other teams will go through they will place 3rd or 4th or place 3rd and miss 2nd but a fraction of points but that's the game that's why its called a competition
I also agree about the money its sad really


November 7, 2014
11:26:32 AM

Entry #: 4151916
In this day of multiple skill levels and sizes, it will probably be soon that we see a minimum score in effect for all regions. There are so many teams that advance by default that something has to be done to insure that those teams must still perform at a level worthy of advancement. I get that some teams that know they are moving on may not go all out for local or even conference comps, because they know they are already in regionals, or even nationals. I have seen many teams not go with their full routine at a league comp because they knew they were advancing to a conference final. I have also seen teams at a conference final not go full out because they knew they were going to regionals. If a minimum score and not just showing up were the criteria for advancement, I think we would see a lot less complaining about "invites" and expenses. I have talked to many parents that are disheartened by how much money they have to spend for a team that is unopposed and going to nationals. Those teams must still perform at local, conference, and regional events, and pay for them. That means ticket purchases, concessions, bus rides, hair, makeup, etc... If a minimum score were implemented, at least they would know that there is something to be accomplished that would justify the expense.

Top 2 from each conference provided they have both met a minimum score to a regional final should be based on your regions average previous calendar year competition final scores. From there top 2 to Nationals provided they have met the minimum average score from the previous calendar year National scores.

Cheerleader2104 C

November 9, 2014
8:59:37 PM

Entry #: 4152134
I agree. Ik some teams have no comp and get to go to regionals what matter what, but they work for it. Some teams got a score in the high 80's which is understandable. Some teams can level 3, but perform as if they were level 2. Or be level 2 and peform as if they were 1 and get to move on because they have no comp. It makes me feel bad for the teams who work hard and don't get to move on. My daughter worked really hard this year to make it to nationals. They got first out of a lot of teams. But some teams just get to go what matter what! It's not fair

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