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Author TOPIC: Anyone need a player for the upcoming season?

July 23, 2011
6:29:19 PM

Entry #: 3768655
Used to play a lot of volleyball in Chicago, and i'm trying to break into the scene here.


July 25, 2011
2:20:40 PM

Entry #: 3769626
Kelvin, it would help if you would leave some contact info. There are always teams looking for extra players.


July 25, 2011
10:04:27 PM

Entry #: 3770006
Guess that could help. Thanks Cale.

If anyone needs a sub for games at 7 or 8pm or a player for next season, send an email to I'll try to check and respond to you if I can make it sometime between 5-6pm each afternoon.


montrell bridges

April 13, 2014
3:54:09 PM

Entry #: 4120469
Just wondering are you still looking for a volleyball team to play on if your interested please text me at 3142031675

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