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August 5, 2018
6:02:22 PM

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hey coach. we played you guys in matormas today 16u. our coach said you invited us up to your tournament in sept. if not my daughter is availbe to guest pitch. we are not on the maulers just guest playing. being that my daughter is committed to college already we just guest play. you can text me anytime 570-489-0919
Coach Fran
February 8, 2018
2:24:53 PM

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This is my 9th year coaching an Xtreme team. Both my girls came up through this Great organization and went on to play in college. It's a family here at Xtreme, Great coaches who really care about the kids and really stress the fundamentals so the players that want to can get to the next level. Don't get me wrong when we cross those chalk line we are there to win. However we focus more on the process than the outcome. I had a team that was ranked #1 in their class for two years in a row and was ranked as high as 32 in the nation out of 833 team in USSSA. We Have finished as high as 5th at the National Championship tournament in O.C. Maryland.
New York
February 24, 2012
2:52:27 PM

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February 3, 2012
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February 3, 2012
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Long Island, NY
February 1, 2011
6:04:01 PM

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kailyn hackbart
Beacon NY
July 3, 2009
7:04:03 PM

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I had a great time playing for the xtreme this year.Sorry i wont be there for the last two tournaments. I know you girls will do great just play hard and play the game you love. Thats how you win.Good luck see you guys next year. GO XTREME!!!!
Coach Pete
Beacon Xtreme Softball
June 16, 2009
11:47:56 AM

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Good morning ladies. I hope you are are rested and ready for this weekend's tournament. I think this will be our 1st "Real" test of tournament softball. What I mean by "real" is.... Depth of teams in tournament,travel time, travel distance and time of game... We have not travelled this far yet,played at this time when getting right out of the cars. Given this, lets see what kind of intensity level we have Saturday morning. If we think as a team, play as a team, we win as a team.. And as all the coaches believe.. and parents believe.. we are VERY, VERY, VERY, close to making a run deep AND I MEAN DEEP into the tournament. See all Thursday for practice. Athletically yours, Coach Pete
Coach Pete
City of Beacon
June 9, 2009
12:03:10 PM

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Ladies good morning. We all should have learned something this past weekend. There are no guarantees to success. We have to earn success. As you all know, we had a 5-0 lead Sunday and were playing well on all aspects of the game. However, we let one inning haunt us. Inning 5 I believe. We did not keep our concentration and our thought process was effected by bad decision making on the diamond. We did play with great intensity and all the coaches are very happy with that. We did not play with total concentration for the last 2 innings and it costed us a victory. We outplayed our opposition up to that point. Everyone did "PLAY HARD" and we still went home. So, I would like to revise the earlier posting. "PLAY HARD,BE INTENSE and NEVER LOSE FOCUS OR GO HOME". We learned by our mistakes and we know "ITS NEVER OVER TILL ITS OVER"...Quote made famous by Yankee great YOGI BERRA.. Lets keep that in mind and we will be Champions in the future. Have a great week and see all on Saturday.
Coach Bob
June 4, 2009
8:45:22 PM

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Girls: Here is a quote our Xtreme team should live by: "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." -Vince Lombardi Go Beacon Xtreme!!!
Coach Pete
June 3, 2009
9:31:45 PM

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Hello team. I agree 110% with Coach Vic. We were a team last weekend. Especially the Sunday game. If we can play and coach as a team this weekend we will do well and possibly play for the Championship in our own tournament. I like what I seen last Sunday. Everyone played and coached hard. Lets keep it rolling into this weekend. GO XTREME... See everyone Friday @ 4:30PM... COACH PETE
Victor Roman
May 29, 2009
9:31:46 PM

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Ladies, I am very proud of you all. You all played great last weekend.
kailyn hackbart
beacon ny
May 29, 2009
6:58:45 PM

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I play for Beacon xtreme. There a great team we all work together and win.Thats what its all about.Teamwork and comitment.Who cares about winning teamwork is what makes us win and makes us a great team. The one thing we need to have is comitment and guess what? WE HAVE IT!!!!GOOD LUCK TO US AND GO XTREME!!!PLAY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete Hackbart Asst Coach Beacon Xtreme 12U
May 23, 2009
11:25:08 PM

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