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November 5, 2019
10:07:19 AM

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How many years has it been since anyone left a comment here? Is there a Facebook page. Even though FB is an arcane, legacy website which to this day continues to struggle to provide relevancy, it is somewhat useful. You know, if each team were required to have a statistician, that person could provide stats and player names to a central Online Statistician who would update this website weekly. Each team's statistician would be provided several emailed "forms" for filling-out stats for each game, with a form being emailed to the Online Statistician after each game. Coaches should not be asked to do this as coaches - only if they volunteer (they have enough to do as coaches). I do not live in Cameron, but am a life-long baseball fan. Coached T-Ball, Little League, Umpired Little League, organized and played on adult softball teams. I am interested in adding some usefulness to a local childrens' baseball organization in Giddings or Serbin, if I can find one which is well-run by adults who are player-focused, and not merely adults who have the brains and attitudes of 12 year-olds. Organizations run by selfish, protective, unprofessional, unethical, immoral leadership will not receive my volunteerism. Been there, done that in Serbin (not baseball-related). Life is too short to assist and support those who are devoid of even the simplest knowledge of fair play and Christian values. Have a nice day! And never, ever "take" strike three!
Marion Travis
May 5, 2015
6:50:06 PM

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What do you think about expanding the topics on baseball by searching for all the known former semi-pro and professional baseball players, officials, owners, administrators,[living or deceased] etc.Don't limit it to Cameron, but expand it as far around Central Texas as possible. I get my car washed in Cameron at a really well-run car wash business. The owner's office has his own baseball memorabilia, so I think he may have played pro baseball in the past--not now. Also, Cameron had a semi-professional baseball team in the 1920s perhaps earlier. We shoud find out which other towns had basebal teams and put all of this together in a good way with a nice name. It will add special depth to the subject of baseball in this region.
May 5, 2015
9:27:00 AM

Entry ID: 2063551
Hello, I am not sure who it is that is over the concession stand but something needs to be changed. The lady that is in there is VERY rude to her customers. I know many people have been walking over to the girls concession stand because of her. I believe someone told me her name is Mildred. Please board, do something about this woman.
July 21, 2014
2:57:46 AM

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My grandson will be playing in the state tball tournament, July 21-25, and we're needing to know the price to get in and if you have like a week long band you could get instead of paying all week. Could you please let me know ASAP
July 14, 2014
8:38:58 PM

Entry ID: 2055514
What is the address to the fields?
July 3, 2014
8:28:06 AM

Entry ID: 2054962
No news posted on T-Ball playoffs - when or where games are? Thank you!!!
May 28, 2014
11:10:06 AM

Entry ID: 2053085
The Mission Statement of Cameron Baseball Association is great. May everyone stand behind it and make it work, then spread through time to this entire region.
May 9, 2014
9:12:01 PM

Entry ID: 2052415
Someone needs to fix the tball standings. The brewers do have a win and the whitesox record is backwards I believe.
Heidi Smith
Rice Lake/Cameron School District
March 14, 2014
8:07:34 AM

Entry ID: 2049541
I would like to sign my son up for little League.
July 17, 2013
11:21:53 PM

Entry ID: 2035902
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the CBA Board Members who were responsible for "Rail-Roading" me into coaching the Jr. Midget Tigers this year. Even tho' I had no intention of being so involved, I would like to thank especially the parents of the kids that I "coached". They were the greatest and I thank them for their patience and wonderful help that they gave. Even tho' we didn't knock any lights out, I feel like we had an AWESOME season!! We each learned something, and that's what this should all be about, in my opinion. The "Work Days" were...well, the field always looked good, I thought. And the girls in the Concession Stand worked really hard, and we appreciate that. Even the Umpires were mostly patient and understanding. Thank you, CBA for this great season that we have now put behind us for the most part. I wish the BEST of WISHES to the Playoff Bound teams!! GO TIGERS!!
June 20, 2013
9:12:19 AM

Entry ID: 2033639
where are all the scores for jr. midget games? they stop being recorded after the 6th of June.
May 13, 2013
12:22:10 PM

Entry ID: 2029807
I Just Wanted To Bring ThisTo Someones Attention, The Orioles (Freshman Division) Have Not Lost A Game. If Someone Could Please Change It on The Score Page. Thanks
Lisa Malone
Cameron Texas
March 18, 2013
12:34:36 PM

Entry ID: 2023361
I am so glad that The Cameron Baseball Association is giving our 3 year olds a chance to play ball. I enjoy watching those little ones so much. My grandson Jace Nelson has a lot to learn but it is so funny when he hits the ball and we hollar run and he runs after the ball instead of going to first base. Thanks Cameron Texas!
August 21, 2012
10:06:13 AM

Entry ID: 1985083
Let me start out by saying that Cameron needs a program for it's youth and not for the parents of the youth. I feel I must say this as after spending over 30Yrs in Pop Warner and Pony baseball I feel I know what I'm talking about. I've lived in this area for about nine years now and have watched this areas program and coached with alot of the coachs around. I find it very hard to watch a draft that is not fair, no I won't go there let's just say we need to fix what's broken. As an experenced coach and board member I feel there is much more that can be done. What we have now needs to be flipped and started over. The youth is what we need to consentrate on and not what a certain few want. A all coach meeting should be done to get this right before another season starts. We have alot of talent out there and we could bring in capital for our youth program if we did it right. No child left out because they couldn't or parent couldn't pay the fee. I would like to see us Cameron folk start picking up trash after the game and let the specktators also know to pick up after them selves. An announcement speaker is needed at the field. Come on let's do it for them the kids I mean.
May 31, 2012
9:12:21 AM

Entry ID: 1972393
Was informed by a parent of another team that our makeup day is today. Was wondering if anyone knows all the info. Its suppose to be Giants and Indians playing. Please let me know.
Sam Hinkle
April 13, 2012
6:26:46 AM

Entry ID: 1965017
I would just like to know what time my son plays t-ball on the 21st. He plays for the giants.the calender shows 12pm at field #3 however the schedule page shows 9am at field #5.
April 9, 2012
1:40:11 PM

Entry ID: 1964326
they had a tryout thing for pre-t just wondering if it was rescheduled because of the weather that day
April 5, 2012
8:16:04 AM

Entry ID: 1963813
Hi,I was just wondering how the parents would be contacted for pre t-ball? I read that we would not hear from the coaches until after April 1st and I just wanted to make sure that I didn't miss a phone call or an email. Is there a way to get direct contact with anyone about pre t-ball? My aon ia auper excited to play. Thanks
March 22, 2012
7:29:42 AM

Entry ID: 1961013
Pre T-Ball teams and games are currently being organized. Parents can expect contact from coaches no sooner than April 1.
Paulina Hull
March 21, 2012
11:39:22 PM

Entry ID: 1960989
I signed 3 yr. old up for pre-t and still have not heard anything just wondering when will i know team and coach

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