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Crystal Rowe
June 9, 2011
11:14:26 AM

Entry ID: 1892019
So excted forthis yr!!My son and daughter will both be playng Tball..sure itis gonna be a blast!
Riley LeBlanc
May 15, 2011
7:00:31 PM

Entry ID: 1886615
I think this year is going to be a really GOOD season.
April 27, 2011
6:47:30 PM

Entry ID: 1883000
Getting excited about hitting the field. Hoping for another great season. Good Luck everyone......
Bobby Joe
New York
May 28, 2010
9:27:34 PM

Entry ID: 1794877
My child played last year and it rocked !!!!!!
Roddy Conrad southwest regional diretor
April 7, 2010
8:59:53 PM

Entry ID: 1777922
Nice website you got going here it is good to see baseball coming back in your area i am your rep for baseball NS and if there is anything i can do to help feel free to contact me 875-2075
Sean Brown
March 22, 2010
10:44:52 AM

Entry ID: 1771433
Well, we are ready to start a new year!!! I for one am very excited for the T-Ball League, games against Weymouth and the possibility of 2 Provincial teams as well as the combined All Star game with Weymouth!!!! Its gonna be a great year!!! Don't miss out!!!!
Keith Patterson
Bear River
August 27, 2009
6:14:31 PM

Entry ID: 1686476
Thanks to everyone for a great night of ball. From the Umpire to the Coaches and all players involved. Win or Lose that was a great game to be a part of. I hope Sunday is just as fun and exciting. Good luck teams.....
August 20, 2009
12:51:44 PM

Entry ID: 1681506
i love playing ball it is so much fun !!!
Shelley Johnson
Bear River
August 11, 2009
6:27:30 PM

Entry ID: 1676300
I had a great time walking in the Scallop Days Parade...a good time was had by all!!! The crowds reception to the Digby Minor Baseball League was fantastic! They were clapping and cheering as the teams walked by...what a wonderful show of support!!
Sean Brown
Digby, NS
August 9, 2009
12:37:27 PM

Entry ID: 1674791
It's playoff time!!! The downside is it is nearing the end of the season. Now is when anyone can be a hero and that is what baseball is all about. It is about a hitter vs a pitcher and that one crucial hit can bring a life time of memories so good luck, Blue Jays, Tigers, Red Sox and Dodgers!!!! Make 2009 memorable!!!!
shayne mullen
July 29, 2009
7:00:21 PM

Entry ID: 1668394
I wonder why they call it a baseball mit?
byron mullen
July 29, 2009
6:55:20 PM

Entry ID: 1668392
I can't wait for the playoff!!!!
Cindy Robar
July 27, 2009
2:09:01 AM

Entry ID: 1666795
It has been a good year,Greg and I have had a lot of fun with our team, watching them progress throughout the year is an awesome accomplishment and all the kids have lots of talent and are unique in there own way, it is great! End year is approaching quickly and we are all looking forward to the playoffs. It has been an awesome adventure for us and the kids and we can't wait until next year! The 2009 minor league baseball league had 53 players and hopefully we will have a lot more kids come out and join the fun for 2010.
Keith Patterson
Bear River
July 13, 2009
9:52:48 PM

Entry ID: 1659969
Looking foward to the All-Star events. Hope to see everyone there.
Cindy Day
June 22, 2009
8:52:54 PM

Entry ID: 1649104
Nice to see the weather link working.... Check gameday weather by clicking on the weather link provided on the site.
Killer Coach
Parts unknown
June 22, 2009
8:48:31 PM

Entry ID: 1649101
Good to see some activity in the guestbook. I would hope that all visitors may at some point leave some feedback. It can be about the league, your team, the web site, ideas to help make all the above better, etc.... Now drop and give me 20 !!!
Sean Brown
June 15, 2009
1:30:39 AM

Entry ID: 1643926
If you just want a good time, check out a game on Sunday afternoon.
Doug MacNaughton
June 14, 2009
10:13:11 AM

Entry ID: 1643401
Why does every stand up and sing TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME when there already there.
Doug MacNaughton
June 14, 2009
10:05:07 AM

Entry ID: 1643396
A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.
Tommy MacNaughton
June 14, 2009
8:14:00 AM

Entry ID: 1643374
Is anyone going to write in the gustbook~!~!~!
Tommy MacNaughton
Digby !!!!!
June 7, 2009
8:38:33 PM

Entry ID: 1639044
Trenton patterson
bear river
April 25, 2009
10:10:21 AM

Entry ID: 1611835
I played last year and it was awsome.I can't wait untill this season.

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