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February 12, 2011
4:14:27 PM

Entry ID: 1865934
Too bad people have to be so greedy and ruin a good thing. I guess this is a lesson learned to not involve greedy people into something that was born from someone's good will to do something positive for the community. Funny how people pretend to be a certain way, meanwhile their greed consumes them. (YES I AM TALKING ABOUT THE REFEREES!!!!!!)
st catharines
July 17, 2010
2:53:21 PM

Entry ID: 1807898
*******alcones******* we can still make it .nothing is impossible.just remember wat happen last year...alcones was playing good ..but not that good..they make it 2 the finals and they win the championship ,,, y not this year.we can do it. vamos alcones si se puede.. good luck 2 every team. specially 2 millonarios they better win this year...because alcones is coming strong, thats all i can say... hi 2 every 1
julio massella
June 17, 2010
12:02:43 AM

Entry ID: 1800858
julio massella is no longer with millonarios
julio massella
May 26, 2010
6:12:28 PM

Entry ID: 1794176
so far so good piojo, maybe next time better
Hamilton, ON
May 16, 2010
10:16:11 AM

Entry ID: 1790833
Seems that this will be another EXCITING season!!! good luck everyone!
March 6, 2010
5:28:50 PM

Entry ID: 1765596
bienvenidos a todos los equipos este ano, y que sea campion el mejor, son los deseos de millonarios
October 21, 2009
10:02:26 AM

Entry ID: 1717673
fue un placer quedar campeon este año siempre les dije que yo voy hacer el campeon hahahahahahahahahah se los dedico
June 24, 2009
2:53:32 AM

Entry ID: 1650212
September 15, 2008
4:59:15 PM

Entry ID: 1459347
the cup is iraqiii jeeeb alkas jebbbaaa
September 14, 2008
5:06:46 PM

Entry ID: 1458610
yo someone send the picutres from the zucca bar boys championship win
August 21, 2008
7:55:21 PM

Entry ID: 1443746
Iraq all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
May 31, 2008
1:17:47 PM

Entry ID: 1395068
To all the people who made comments about me in the final and as a player i say this> everything and anything i ever said or did on and off the field i stand by it proudly and i ain't no punk that ever made a comment without letting people know that it was i that said it, so go ahead and hate but the truth is that unless you say it to my face your words and comments ain't worth !!!! Big up to Alcones you deserved to win and good luck to all this season. P.S. If you're gonna comment on me this year, man up and put your real name down!!!!!! ( I DIDN'T THINK SO!)
October 11, 2007
2:23:18 AM

Entry ID: 1228092
i think the spanish league need to improve. the first team goin all the way to final is not really good idea and its not fair the guy is right. let first place get first round by just like the other leagues. so the first and second team gets by if there are alot teams. for example if there is 12-10 teams let the second team by to would be perfect. and let every team make the playoff beacuse every one is payin so i think it would be fair. and about talking to refferes and the fights need to stop you guys need to do somethin big about it. Hope you guys make this league better next year good luck see you guys next year!!!!!
October 2, 2007
5:13:25 PM

Entry ID: 1221735
Suggestions: 1 - New playoff format: Give the 1st two teams of the season a 1st round bye, and let there be 6 qualifiers. Teams 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 in the 1st round. Winner game 1 faces, #1 team. Winner game 2 faces #2 team in semi-final. Then final game winner vs winner. The idea of having the top team of the season automatically advancing to the final is not too fair. Playoffs is a whole other season, whole other game. Upsets happen, let it be possible. 2 - Add end of season awards. Best goalkeeper, top goal scorer, and most valuable player to its team. 3 - Give teams ability to transfer/trade player(s). Just some suggestions, agree or disagree, they are here! Adiossssss!
October 2, 2007
1:03:29 PM

Entry ID: 1221546
well!!alcones the champion!!and me leader score! 2007!!it sounds pretty good!chapin 100%, season came to its final end!final game why mention it?lol one tip!!league listen, i believe it is not to good to seat one team to wait,while we battled it up! it comes to a disaster! it is not the first time that it happened!about the fight! that is why many ppl not wanna attend this league or let their kids play!!the league it is trying to improve our soccer culture! lets help them out! why i say that!! check the throphies for example!!!they were really primo!!the website!the fields! the way, the placa for mitad de el mundo, was really thoughtfull!! u see!!!the talking back and forward keep it up, that is part of it!!but don't take it to the heart!!campeon goleador 2007!! ahi tienen 23 goles,y eso que soy chamusquero!hehe! y que no sirvo etc!! R.I.P coment that was funny! they must hate u NOW lol!! see all of u next year soccer season!!
October 1, 2007
2:33:06 PM

Entry ID: 1220677
Carlos what a looooooooooooser you are, never learned how to play the game my friend, i believe you "try" too hard to be a winner & when things aren't going your way you turn into a pathetic looser, even your team mates can't stand you, that saids a lot. Very dissapointed in the league for allowing such individual which was not supposed to play to begin with, to be in the final. There is your end result another offence on his behalf, cause he cannot handle being defeated. If that's not a few years suspension i don't know what is. I think you chanted "champions" a little too early my friend, who's the champ? URDADDY ;)
September 30, 2007
12:56:21 PM

Entry ID: 1219756
I would like to congratulate the league first, because without the hard work and dedication on Joaquin, William and Thomas...IN THAT ORDER, nothing would have been possible and a success. Next my congratulations to Alcones, you guys had a prety good season altogether, and you deserved to be the champs. Alianza, that was a disgrace, I think anyone else would have given a better performance in the final game!!! and to think you paid $150 for a goalie that didnt show up, and $100 for another player that eventhough he was there,and tried, he didnt show up like he would have wanted too, 1 superman cant do it alone. Tomasito, dont ever be afraid of anyone, u should have kicked Johny in the *&^ face man, Carlos way to back your player man, RESPECT 4 that. Anyways there will always be the what if....what if Terry, Sasha,Nestor,Hugo,Omar...etc would have showed up....bla,bla,bla. THe fact of the matter is that even if Maradona would have showed up, Alianza got OWNED by Alcones, they were the better team and deserved to win.....All in all it was a crapy final game....I still would rather watch El Salvador VS Guatemala in the final any day....even if the chapines are getting old, and El Salvador has more Serbians than Salvadorenos in the team.......but then again that final will never happen again....R.I.P Guatemala 2007......R.I.P QUALITY SOCCER IN THE SPANISH / INTERNATIONAL SOCCER LEAGUE.....later yall.....
the champs
September 30, 2007
12:27:55 PM

Entry ID: 1219733
to alianza from Alcones thanks for the final, i give u guys the respect as team, but as a friend to most of u in that team the league is to have fun and make friends not fight for stupid things u give everything in the field and then u enjoy the beers, Next year lets play ball, not trying to hurt someone who needs to work the next day. Thanks Alianza for trying in the final
September 19, 2007
7:33:14 PM

Entry ID: 1211814
i wonder how it feels to be the leading score for a team and in the playoffs not start dew to the the extra players my team went to go get. muhhh... Alianza is going to the finals with the players that got them there threw out the season. and not with a new team [alcones]
mr. x
September 18, 2007
10:42:24 PM

Entry ID: 1211092
champs!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahaahaha!!! not there yet, to open ur mouth alianza!!! keep the talking!!!we'll see who takes it!!!!Romania!! out!! ouch!!that got to hurt!!!!well play rui!!anyway!!!keep the hating!!!one more game to play!!and that is how it goes!! can't think about u alianza, when we are not there yet!! so don't be scare!!hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!good luck to all of u!!!hahahahaha!! nice web joaquin keep it up!!!!
September 15, 2007
4:05:51 PM

Entry ID: 1208313
hey mr x more like mr enano but whatever! the only reason why your team did the impossible was cause the two crappy goals that you guys scored were against a person who normally doesn't play golie! As for all our stars being there you are completely right every single person on this team is a star and i appreciate the recognition! As for me loosing my cool i would like to first apoligize to sacha and next to the league for my childish behaviour. Guess that all that remains is to see "HOW I PREFORM IN THE CHAMPIOSHIP GAME". HAHAHAHA!
September 15, 2007
3:30:55 PM

Entry ID: 1208293
Bottom line alianza league champs. alcones first runner up. good luck making it to the finals we will be waiting. FINALS ALIANZA vs ?
September 15, 2007
1:35:36 PM

Entry ID: 1208252
Joaquin Esperanza
August 27, 2007
9:23:59 PM

Entry ID: 1194341
Hi, I just wanted to comment on the entry below. Your comments and interest are appreciated. What we would like not to see again would be your vulgar language. I have taken the time to delete your foul language and would appreciate it if it did not happen again. If it does happen again, please note that your entry will be deleted and you may also be banned from the website. Thank you and good luck to you all!
mr x
August 26, 2007
1:23:07 AM

Entry ID: 1192900
aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!undefeated!!done!!i did not see any offence what so ever against the alcones!!!and u ppl had all ur stars!!except for your 50 dollar goalie!!and carlos u play better than that!!frustration killed u ehhh!!next time play soccer!!!!!!trust me!!well alcones beat all of u ...!!without talking ..., so bite it!!let the best one win!!and those 6 points played against eastside kings it was ...!!!every game is 3 points!!.........!!!!!!!!!easy way to win the league, better show that u are the best for the play offsssss, romania, alcones and alianza would be tie rite now!! good year for soccer!! really competitive!!!!!except for those 6 points!!!!

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