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October 5, 2018
2:20:28 AM

Entry ID: 2091076
Our grandsons are playing fall baseball with QSA. How do I find the schedule for upcoming games? Thanks, Lynn Rickman
August 29, 2018
8:15:17 PM

Entry ID: 2090644
Lori Angel
December 1, 2017
6:04:44 PM

Entry ID: 2086591
I signed up my daughter for basketball how do i find out what team she son and when she starts practice? Thanks
Lori Angel
December 1, 2017
6:02:38 PM

Entry ID: 2086590
I signed up my daughter for basketball how do i find out what team she son and when she starts practice? Thanks
Lori Angel
December 1, 2017
6:00:46 PM

Entry ID: 2086589
I signed up my daughter for basketball how do i find out what team she son and when she starts practice? Thanks
Lori Angel
December 1, 2017
5:59:23 PM

Entry ID: 2086588
I signed up my daughter for basketball how do i find out what team she son and when she starts practice? Thanks
Starr Coats
December 17, 2015
6:52:37 PM

Entry ID: 2070102
How do I sign my daughter up for basketball 2016? Couldn't find anything on site.
Gary Floyd
February 5, 2015
6:09:05 PM

Entry ID: 2061110
Please remind parents that basketball practice time is for the teams. Please keep their other children off the court when practice is going on. Someone is going to get hurt. Thank
Connie Long
February 2, 2015
4:52:16 AM

Entry ID: 2061030
I find going to the games are more relaxing than in the past. Great job turning it around.
Gary Floyd
November 11, 2014
5:25:21 PM

Entry ID: 2059728
Just wondering, How often is this site updated? Some of these post are 5 to 8 years old. Also, like to get info on THIS YEARS (2014-2015) girls basketball. Signed my daughter up , but have heard nothing else. When does it start? What team will she be on? Thank you, Gary Floyd
Nelda Baker
March 3, 2014
12:32:49 PM

Entry ID: 2048883
Sign me up for e mails and notices from QSA. My grandsons both played T-Ball last year. Was wondering about their trophies from last year. Also wondering whether they will be playing on same team as last year. (Tigers) Tried to contact last years couch, but number has been changed. Looking forward to news about upcoming season.
Amanda Simpson
April 5, 2013
11:45:01 AM

Entry ID: 2025721
Love the site and ease of access to register my kids. Is there a place to see when all of the upcoming seasons start? also I tried joining the mailing list but it is not working. Thanks for the website.
March 27, 2013
10:27:15 AM

Entry ID: 2024588
looking for two to three girls to play coach pitch softball ages 6 to 8 .9 year old is welcome as long as they have turned 9 after jan the first practice will be mon tus and fri 6 to 7 mon tues 6 to 8 on fri girls will be taught proper softball skills this will not be a line up and get balls hit to you we want to teach the girls now so they will be better as they get older not just worried about winning
Tiffany Fulgham
January 16, 2013
5:51:27 PM

Entry ID: 2016137
I just talk to Roy (the president of QSA) and he was such a BIG help! I will be receiving my daughters trophy within the next wk. A big thank you to everyone on the QSA board that helped so quickly! We will be returning for the next teeball season!
Tiffany Fulgham
January 16, 2013
3:57:28 PM

Entry ID: 2016116
My daughter played teeball last season an still we have yet to receive her trophy. There also wasn't a after season party. Which I'm not really concerned about that. But it would be nice if we could get her trophy since we did pay for it. She was on the Red Rockets. I have tried contacting both coaches, Cody and Troy. And all I was told was that Troy would try to get ahold of Cody as I was doing the same. And that they would get it to me. That's had been many months ago. If you could help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated! Also if there is any info you could possibly post about the next sport season coming up I would appreciate that as well. Thank you, Tiffany Fulgham
Marsha Townsend
September 9, 2012
2:18:24 PM

Entry ID: 1989276
Does anyone know how to find out information about signing my 7 year old daughter up for cheerleading? Any information would be appreciated.
Susan Welch
March 28, 2012
12:25:33 PM

Entry ID: 1962356
when can we get line ups and schedules for this year 2012 baseball
Amy Blackburn
September 2, 2011
9:23:01 AM

Entry ID: 1910539
Wish there was someone like myself that could have the time to update this web page for all the other parents with children in QSA. I have Loved QSA since i was young I started and played every sport that I could in QSA.
July 14, 2011
3:59:03 PM

Entry ID: 1898800
My son has played for QSA for ^ years and we had a blast now my youngest son is starting to play for QSA hope this will be a great year!!!!!!!!!
Tanya Helton
May 9, 2011
1:53:42 PM

Entry ID: 1885345
Just curious when QSA will get soccer, I think it's been about three years in the making.
Sheri Gore
September 27, 2010
10:41:47 AM

Entry ID: 1830367
A GREAT BIG THANKS and APPRECIATION GOES TO QUINLAN PANTHERS from the Crandall Pirates!!! Please be aware that Quinlan should be commended in that they are teaching their children respect. They stayed behind and would not allow their children to leave until OUR facility was cleaned from trash on their side of the stadium, this made the end of the nights shutting down tasks run so much more smoothly! We appreciate this from the opposing team! Job Well Done Quinlan Panthers!!!!!
July 6, 2010
7:44:02 AM

Entry ID: 1805133
my son is 9 yr sold will be 10 August 1,2000. He is going into 4th grade he wants to play football. He is a small lil guy I do mean small.He weighs like 57 pounds.On football tackle in Mesquite Bulldogs,Team Texas Bulldogs,they would pick him by his shoulder pads to move him out the way he wants to try play for Quinlan Thanks, Debra 972-546-7960
Patricia Pendergraft
June 23, 2010
4:41:27 PM

Entry ID: 1802568
My 6yr old daughter really wants to play sports,but she does not want to be in cheer/dance. What sports can ya'll offer us for girls? Just curious, and thank you for your time. Ya'll have an awesome day!!
Angela McCluskey
April 22, 2010
2:25:24 PM

Entry ID: 1783465
More info about the co-ed softball league on here would be great!
Charles Duncan
March 23, 2010
6:04:19 PM

Entry ID: 1772307
This would be a great place to have the baseball RainOut number.

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