• By Laws
    Standard Baseball High School Rules:

    1. BB Core Bats only
    2. Teams can bat 10 (extra hitter)
    3. Time Limit set by home team in regular season during ground rules (No Time Limit in playoffs)
    4. Starter position as batter/fielder can be substituted for unlimited times and players can re-enter only at that position in the batting order.
    5. Courtesy runner for pitcher/catcher at any time.
    6. Teams must make up rescheduled games. Home teams must provide three rescheduled dates. If teams can't make up games, it will go down as a forfeit (1-0) on website.
    7. Tie breakers at end of regular season for seedings will be based on the following:
    -Head to Head
    -Run differential
    -Coin Flip
    8. There will be NO Parent-Volunteer Coaches. All coaches must be certified teachers.

  • Location of Schools
    Here are the locations for baseball and softball:

    Baseball- Readington Middle School
    50 Readington Road Whitehouse Station NJ 08889
    Softball- Holland Brook School
    48 Readington Road Whitehouse Station NJ 08889

    Baseball- Vanderveer School
    51 Union Ave Somerville NJ 08876
    Softball- Lepp Park
    Park Avenue Somerville NJ 08876

    Baseball- Miller Lane Park
    One Miller Lane Bedminster NJ 07921
    Softball- School
    234 Somerville Road Bedminster NJ 07921

    JP Case
    Baseball- JP Case School
    Softball- JP Case School
    Both are 301 Case Boulevard Flemington NJ 08822

    North Plainfield
    Baseball- West End School
    447 Greenbrook Road North Plainfield NJ 07060
    Softball- East End School
    180 Oneida Avenue North Plainfield NJ 07060

    Baseball- Alexander Batcho School
    Softball- Alexander Batcho School
    Both are 100 North 13th Avenue Manville NJ 08835