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    West Georgia Dixie Baseball is committed to teaching the fundamentals of baseball to players from age 13 to 17. Regardless of the skill level of the individual player, our goal is always to provide a first class learning environment for all players. We also strive as a league to instill within our players, the values of integrity, comradery, respect for authority and good sportsmanship. While the nature of competition requires that one team loses and one team wins, success for the league is attained if all players improve their abilities, have fun in the process and learn how to win with class and lose with grace. The primary way in which we attempt to achieve these goals is through our coaches. We are continually looking for coaches to help us achieve our goals and instill in our players those qualities that we believe are most important in the continual education of young athletes. If you are interested in coaching kids that want to have fun and improve their baseball abilities, in a low stress environment, please contact the League President, Charlie Kuhfahl at (706) 505-5511 to discuss coaching opportunities in our fall and/or spring baseball seasons.

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