• FMBL Sponsorship Letter
    This letter can be used in its existing form, or can be adapted to include your information, or further edited to say what you want. It is a great example of how to approach a local business for sponsorship and to show our impact on the community.

  • FMBL Manager's Duties
    This document outlines the duties each FMBL Manager is expected and required to take on. The FMBL has high expectations of it''s Managers, but the job is highly rewarding as well.

  • FMBL Website Guide
    This guide outlines the permissions granted to each FMBL Manager to edit their team info, stats, and other aspects of the FMBL Website. Managers must adhere to the regulations when using the website.

  • FMBL Team Waiver

  • Player Liability Waiver
    This Player Liability Waiver is required EACH SEASON for EVERY PLAYER who participates in the FMBL. Managers MUST collect this form before allowing a player to play, for insurance purposes.

  • FMBL Roster Template
    Managers should use this template to enter player information to be uploaded before each season. This saves significant time over entering all the info manually. Forms should be saved to .csv per instructions and emailed to the webmaster for entry.

  • Schedule Upload Template
    FMBL Administration should use this template to prepare seasonal schedule uploads. Uploading saves significant time over entering each game manually. During the season, games should be entered and edited individually as needed without using template.

  • Defensive Lineup Organizer
    Managers can download or print this document to assist them in organizing their defensive lineups before the game. This is extremely helpful for managers who are having difficulty managing playing time in real-time while trying to play as well. You can set your plan and forget about it during the game.