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  • 2018 GSBL Grand Slam Scramble tri-Fold
    Print out for this year''s Golf Scramble

  • League Bylaws Ver 11.1-3
    Updated 04/22/2017

  • Official Rules of MLB - 2016
    For items not covered in our GSBL bylaws we defer to official MLB rules.

  • 2020 New Player Registration Form
    All new players are required to fill out a registration form and hand it into their manager to be kept on file with the league. All new players are required to provide a copy of their photo ID.

  • 2020 Team Insurance Waiver Form
    All players are required to sign the team insurance waiver form as well as the team manager. The completed forms shall be turned into the President of the league prior to the start of each new season. The form needs to be signed each year by each player and manager. Thanks Bob Gould - GSBL President.

  • IRS Letter - 501(c)4
    This is the letter from the IRS informing the league of it's tax exempt status of 501(c)4.

  • GSBL Field List
    This is the list of fields the league may play on. New fields are added each year.

  • 2018 GSBL Insurance Policy
    Details on the insurance liability and how to submit an insurance claim are located in this document. The policy runs from January 17, 2018 to January 17, 2019.

  • 2020 GSBL Insurance Certificates
    If you need an insurance certificate to use your field they are located here. If your field is not listed send an email to league President Bob Gould ( with the field name and location.

  • 2019 Umpire Fee and Game Cancel Guidelines
    Use this handout when there is a question about how to proceed with cancelling/forfeiting a game.

  • GSBL Q & A
    Answers to many of your questions about the GSBL updated 01/20/2016.

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