• 2020 Sign up Form


    Name ____________________________________ Birthdate ___________ Grade ___

    Address ___________________________________________________________________________
    House number Street City Zip

    Phone – Preferred ___________________ #2 _____________________ #3 __________________

    Email – Primary _________________________ Alternate _______________________

    Parent/Legal Guardian ___________________________________________________

    Primary Position(s) Played ________________________________________________

    Is the player involved in activities that conflict with baseball? YES NO (circle one)
    If YES, explain and list nights or weekends that would conflict ______________________________


    Any vacation longer than 3 days planned in May-July? If YES, when?_______________________

    Any adults (21 or older) that are interested in coaching, please provide contact info:

    Name __________________________ Phone ______________ Email _________________________

    Name ______________________________________________________________________________

    Hat Size (Circle) Y S/M L/XL

    Socks (Circle) Youth Adult

    Pant Size (Circle) YL YXL S M L XL XXL

    T-Shirt Size (Circle) YL YXL S M L XL XXL

    Uniform Shirt Size (Circle) Y S M L XL

    Number Preferences (if available) 1st_________ 2nd _________ 3rd __________

    I agree to return the uniform shirt, pants, and belt to the A’s at the end of the season. If I don’t, I will reimburse the A’s for the value of the equipment.

    Date _______________________ Player Signature _______________________________________