Forms & Handouts

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  • Medical Release Form
    This form must be complete and turned into a league official EVERY YEAR prior to any player participating in a Little League practice or game.

  • 2018 - Returning Volunteer Application
    The Returning Volunteer Application can be used for anyone who volunteered last year in the Spring 2017 season.
    NOTE: All first time volunteers are subject to a mandatory background check. This requires that this form be completed, which includes providing your social security number and copy of your Driver's License. Failure to provide these pieces of information will prohibit you from being a volunteer for our league.

  • 2018 - Little League NEW Volunteer Application
    Complete this form if you are a first time volunteer, or if you did not complete this form last year for the Spring 2017 season.

  • Residence Eligibility Requirements

  • Residency Waiver Request Form
    If a player does NOT primary reside in Sierra Madre and is NOT currently enrolled in school in Sierra Madre, any registration is not considered valid until this Residency Waiver Form is fully completed and turn in to the League Player Agent or President. IMPORTANT NOTE: The parent(s') signature(s) must be notarized in order to be valid.

  • Former Resident Waiver Form [aka Regulation II(d) Form]
    If the player resided in Sierra Madre last season and played in SMLL, but has since moved outside of Sierra Madre City limits, this form must be completed and turned in to the League Player Agent or President, before player registration is valid.

  • School Enrollment Form
    If the player's primary residence is OUTSIDE of Sierra Madre but the player is currently enrolled at a Sierra Madre school, this form must be completed to verify current enrollment status. If this applies to your player, their Little League registration is not complete until this completed form is turned in to the League Player Agent or President.

  • 2018 League Age Calculator
    Determine the official "league age" for your player(s) for 2018.

  • What Parents Should Know
    Information about the Little League insurance policy.

  • Player Division Descriptions
    What's the different between the player divisions? Here are the answers!

  • Accident/Injury Tracking Form
    Used to help track accidents/injuries.

  • Sponsors - Team Sponsor Form
    Business who will be a team sponsor will need to complete this form.

  • Sponsors - Heasley Sign Sponsor Form
    Complete this form if you would like to sponsor a sign to be hung on our outfield wall.