• Stallion Track Club Inc Handout
    In Catawba County North Carolina, children
    of color did not have any affordable sports
    'to participate in during the summer months.
    Of course there were sports like baseball,
    basketball and soccer. However the fee to play
    was very expensive. Every summer I noticed
    more and more kids with nothing to do.
    So they eventually got into mischievous
    trouble. I was bothered because most of
    these kids were good kids and once they got
    into trouble they were labeled as a problem. I
    wanted all kids to participate in an affordable
    sport. Track and Field came to mind,
    because it is a sport of endurance, time,
    and measurement. It also requires very little
    equipment; it is inclusive, and inexpensive.
    The Stallion Track Club, Inc. began in 1984.
    During our first year we had 10 high school
    participants from Catawba County. I coached,
    and mentored all 10, and we eventually had
    9 of the 10 qualify for the national Junior
    Olympics. While at the Junior Olympics I was
    approached by numerous college coaches.
    I realized that we could help these kids get
    into college on scholarship. We were an
    overnight success. The second year we had
    85 participants to join from Catawba and
    neighboring counties ages 5 to 18. To date
    we have had over 300 kids attend college
    through our program.Our mission statement is to work with
    children 5-18 years old, using track and field
    to exercise. We teach the nutritional value
    of food in order to prevent childhood obesity
    while keeping the children focused and
    disciplined. Track and field is used as a vehicle
    to further their education. Our efforts are to
    make well rounded, civic minded individuals.
    Since 1972 I have been in the track and field
    industry as a participant, coach and as an
    official. I have traveled allover North Carolina
    and the Southeastern portion of the United
    States.Darrell Pegram believes kids can run to
    success, not just on the track but in school,
    too. His vision is to build a one-of-a-kind track
    facility that gives everyone a chance to run
    and pursue their education.

  • Stallion Track Club Inc Handout 2
    Athletic programs promote physical activity
    and fitness. They provide an outlet for
    children to have fun and "run off" excess
    energy. Organized sports promote teamwork
    and teach children how to cooperate. Players
    learn how to follow directions and the rules
    of the game. They are also trained in fair
    play. Clinical studies also show that sports
    and recreation programs can help youth
    established lifelong, healthy, physical activity
    patterns. Regular physical activity can ward
    off life threatening diseases; reduce feelings
    of depression and anxiety; help control weight
    and obesity; and build and maintain healthy
    bones, muscles and joints, according to the
    President's Council on Physical Fitness.
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    Darrell Pegram is the executive director of the
    Stallion Track club that was started in 1984.
    "We've had 300 members go to college,"
    he said. "Track is a vehicle for getting an
    education. Anyone can compete. If you have
    the numbers, you can go to college." "Track
    and field is a non-threatening sport, it builds
    discipline. It's big-time in college. Track is a
    way to help you build your future".

  • Learning center,10k seat 200 meter indoor arena, and 30k seat 400 meter outdoor stadium