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AFL rulebook:

-First possesion is decided on a holodice. Evens or odds. The away team calls it.
-Official games must be played 3 v 3.
-The positions are QB, RB, and WR.
-QB can either say "Run" (QB runs it himself), "Handoff" (RB has the ball and runs it) and "Pass to WR (Or P2WR, the Wide Reciever has the ball).
-The opposing team is the defense. They have to get the ball carrier down.
-To tackle a player, the team must trap the player anywhere on the field (So the player cannot move in any direction)
-Games are to 28. Halftime is 14. Teams switch side.
-There are 2 downs.

If a player gets out of the endzone before hike, it'll be false start. If defender false starts, the offense moves up one. If offense false starts, the offense moves back 1.

Any questions? Ask Baseballfan11 or .:Minimike:.