Wilmington - The Rotary's Banana Split Festival, scheduled for June 12 and 13, has been cancelled amid the coronavirus crisis. "We are thankful for the volunteers and festival committee members who have already given so much time and effort as they prepared for the festival over the past year", said Marian Miller, Chairman of the 2020 Banana Split Festival.  Miller continues, "As a 25 -  year tradition, it was a difficult decision to cancel. Our decision was made from an abundance of caution for the safety of our volunteers, guests, and vendors, as well as practicality."

Vice Chairman, Susan Valentine Scott added, "Contracts for entertainment are confirmed forty-five to sixty days out, along with marketing campaigns. Those are some of the festivals largest fixed costs and with the continued uncertainty of how the social gathering restrictions will be lifted, the most responsible course of action was to cancel."

The festival committee remains optimistic. "While the festival is cancelled, we hope to create a fun, ice cream social event where we can all celebrate together with our famous banana splits later this summer", stated Chairman Miller.

The Banana Split Festival is a co-sponsored festival by both Wilmington Rotary organizations for the purpose of raising funds for local non-profits and Rotary Scholarship Funds. To learn more about Rotary visit www.rotary.org .

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