Beausejour Slo-Pitch League Rules

Beausejour Slo-Pitch Rules


As a league for standard play, we will follow the SPN rule book.  Each team received a copy of the rule book at the Spring AGM. 


In addiction to the SPN rule book, the following rules will be followed during all league games:

1.  Line-up rules at the start of a game:

Men’s and Women’s play – teams may start with a minimum of 8 players and can only add players if they are on the umpires card prior to the start of the game.  The maximum a team can bat in their line-up is 12.


Co-ed play – teams can start with a minimum of 8 as long as they have 4 women on the field at all times.  A full line-up would consist of 6 men and 4 women.  Additional batters are allowed up to the maximum of 12 as follows:


8 batters – 4 guys, 4 girls

9 batters – 5 guys, 4 girls

10 batters – 6 guys, 4 girls

11 batters – 6 guys, 5 girls

12 batters – 7 guys, 5 girls


Your line-up must be set in a way to not bat more than two men consecutively.  Failure to do so would result in the 3rd guy batting in a row being called out.


2.  Determination of home team:

A coin toss will be completed prior to the start of each game to determine the home team for the game.


3.  Game start time and length:

In men’s and co-ed play, if the game is not part of a scheduled double header, games will be 9 innings in length and will start at 7:00pm. 


If it is part of a scheduled double header game, the game length will be 7 innings in length.  The first game of a double header will begin at 6:30 SHARP!  After 7:40 umpires will not begin a new inning in the first game and that game will end at the conclusion of the inning they are currently in.  PLAY FAST IF YOU WANT TO GET A FULL GAME IN.  The second game will begin as soon as the first game has ended, approximately 7:45. 


Women’s teams have a choice of whether they play 7 or 9 innings.  This will be decided prior to the start of the game.  Preferably, both teams will agree on the game length but if an agreement cannot be reached, the home team will have the final decision in game length.


Teams that are unable to legally field their team (as per the guidelines in #1 above) at the start time of the game are subject to the following penalties:


At the start time of the game, the offending team will forfeit the coin toss for “home” or “visitor” team.  The other team will have the choice of what they want.


After each 5 minutes that passes, the non-offending team will receive an additional 4 runs and one less inning will be played for the game.


(Example: if a men’s game is scheduled to start at 7:00 and one team cannot field the minimum required 8 guys on the field until 7:10, the other team would be home team and lead 8-0.  The game would also be reduced to 7 innings only.)


4.  Mercy Rules:

In all games 9 innings in length, the mercy rule is 15 runs after 7 innings.

In women’s play, the home team will decide between 7 and 9 innings. If you choose to play 7, there is no mercy rule. 


**Women’s Only - There is a maximum of 10 runs per inning allowed.  The last inning is open. 


5.  Pitchers Rules:

A pitcher must start with one or both feet on the mound.  Once they have taken position on the mound, they have up to 5 seconds to deliver the pitch.  If longer the umpire may award an extra ball to the batters count.


Pitchers are not legally allowed to deliver the ball behind the back or between legs.  Players are welcome to swing at these pitches but the umpires will call the pitch “illegal” and award a ball to the batter.


Pitching height is 6 to 12 feet.  Umpires are to call “illegal pitch” if they feel the pitch was outside this range.  Mats will be used for all games to assist everyone. You still “touch home“ in men’s and women’s games when you cross the plate.  A ball landing directly on home plate is not a strike. 


6.  Batter/Base Runner Rules:

If a third strike foul ball is caught in the air it is a dead ball, and runner may not advance.


If a runner steps off the base before the ball has been swung at or crosses the plate, the runner will be called out.


Teams are allowed to have a maximum of 4 courtesy runners per game.  The runner can be any player currently in the line-up, but must be a women for women or man for man.  You can use same runner for all 4 courtesy runners during game.


There is no home run rule limit in any game.


In Co-ed ball only, if a guy is walked (regardless of count) and a girl is batting after, he will be awarded second base and the girl is required to hit.


7.  Playoff Rules:

To be eligible to play in the year end playoffs each player in women’s and men’s must play a minimum of 3 games during the season with the team.  In mixed ball you will be required to play 2 games.  This does not apply to just being a spare on the line-up card, but actually being in the game.  We will use the honour system, but should any protests or complaints come up at the year-end tournament with regards to eligibility, the executive will review the line-up cards from the year to make the final determination.


At the end of the regular season, the determination for your playoff seeding will be as follows:

1. Overall record throughout the year

2. If teams are tied in overall record, the record in their head-to-head games will be used as the tiebreaker.

3. If teams are still tied after the above rule 2, runs for and against in head-to-head games will be used as the tiebreaker.

4. If teams are still tied after the above rule 3, the most runs for in the head-to-head games will be used as the tiebreaker.

5. Finally if teams are still tied after the above rule 4, a coin toss will be used as the tiebreaker.


8. Cancellation of Games:

The baseball cancellation line is active again and the number is 204-268-2484.  This number will be updated daily by 5:30pm to inform teams if games will be cancelled due to weather conditions.  Any weather delay can still occur after that time; however it is up to the discretion of the umpire in charge of the game.


If a team is requiring to cancel a game for any reason other than weather related, they are to contact the umpire-in-chief, not the other team directly.  (Matt Bialek -  (204) 266-2936).  Teams that provide at least 24 hours notice, (must call before 7:00pm of the night before), will not lose the game and it can be rescheduled. 


All games that are cancelled due to either of the situations above will be rescheduled by the team managers at a date that will work for both teams in the future. Once a date has been agreed upon the umpire-in-chief needs to be contacted to ensure diamond availability and to schedule an umpire. 


Teams calling within 24 hours of the game will forfeit the game, but will not be fined.  Teams that fail to cal the umpire-in-chief and/or do not show up to the game with the minimum required players within 20 minutes of the start time are subject to fines as follows:


1st offence – verbal warning, $40.00 fine (to cover the cost of the umpire)

2nd offence or more - $50 fine


All fines are required to be paid in full to the executive or the umpire-in-chiefs before your next scheduled game or that game will be considered a forfeit as well.  It will not be the responsibility of the umpire-in-chiefs or executive to find you, YOU will be required to make arrangements with them.


9. Lineup cards

All lineup cards are to be filled out prior to the start of the games. All players first and last names must me legibly printed on the card in order to keep track of proper games played for the yearend tournament. If any players are listed with only a first, last or nickname printed it will not count toward eligible games for the tournament. This is each teams own responsibility and you will not be called for clarification on who has played the game.


12.  Umpire Rules:


If a team has a problem with a call during the game of play and wishes to discuss it in a calm and mature manner, the coach or player who takes the coin toss for the team can discuss the call.  Anyone else yelling or swearing or abusing an umpire is subject to be ejected immediately from the game!  All ejections from a game will be reviewed by the executive and umpire-in-chief to determine if further repercussions are required.  We will be using a three strike system - Two warnings and then removal for the season. 


As with teams, umpires are required to show up for their games.  Umpires will be held accountable to attend games they have been scheduled for.  Failure to do so, or provide a suitable replacement will see penalties levied against them.