2017 B.M.H.L. Draft - Rosters
(Rosters reflect trades that may have taken place following the draft)


Kyle Gillier
Nick Zavitz (G)
Nate Johnson
Jesse Kovar
Lucas Chambers
Billy Hopkins
Garrett Lowry
Jordan Gray
Scott Sherman
Matt Torrance
Matt Smith
Zach deBakker
Chad Vanrabaeys
Shane Lunn


Brent Sherman
Jordan Bray
Shawn Bogart
T. VanMiddelkoop (G)
Alex Ritchie
Dillon McTavish
Tanner Pitel
Ben Shields
Jamie Shields
Clint Jones
Chris Johnston
Eric Boulanger
Adam Parnell
Connor Praill


Tom Jobson
James McFarland
Aaron Wilkins
Adam Minall
Matt McLean
Tyler McTavish
Michael Campbell
Jordan Staels
Gary Simpson
Matt Kuipers
John Stalker
K. Underwood (G)
Greg Benoit
Jake Van Eerd


Josh Beatty
B. Wilkins (G)
Macks Holmes
Owen Welch
Ryan Anderson
Jesse Welch
Kasey Holmes
Greg Griggs
Mike Anderson
Jordan Marsh
Tristan Fisher
Jack Boekhorst
Trevor Nethery
Chad Cameron
Cam Kohl


Kyle Mitchell
Dillon Liberty
Paul Johnson
Norm Logan
R. Tamming (G)
Andy Welch
Kaden Minoletti
Ean Smith
Chad Hardy
Dylan Findlay
Alix Chisholm
Matt Benoit
TJ Benoit
Matt Emery
Logan Little


Mike Kicks
Jeff Vanrabaeys
Will Demers
Kyle Cutler
Ben Gould
Tyler McRitchie
Brendan Banks
Aaron Underwood
Derek Rickman
Jeremy Hall
Wendel Heyink
Greg Roose
Shaun Vosbourgh
Josh Laughton
Billy Sharpe


Steve Bolton
Brent Somr (G)
Brodie McDonald
Eric Smith
Logan Purbrick
Wesley Van Lith
Ian VanMiddelkoop
Tom Van Eerd
Matt Curran
Tim Van Lith
Darrin Harrison
Mitchell Jennen
Tristin Lockrey
Dan Meersseman
Jeff Van Lith


Jamie Beatty
Taylor Sisson
Colin Jackson
Evan Lambrecht
Mike Ratz (G)
Brandon Wolfe
Darryl Heyink
Andrew Pickard
Brett Sproule
Sean Dobbelaar
Ian Badder
Scott Tricker
Trenton Hopkins
Brodie Hopkins
Justin Staels


***Early bird rate ends on 9/18/2017***
Full rate ($350/player) applies after week 1

 We Accept

Protecting referees a new, but overdue priority for the B.M.H.L

Jordan Bray

BOTHWELL - Following a rough 2016-17 season that saw a number of incidents involving BMHL players and on-ice officials, the league has enacted a tough new rule to help protect referees.

Referees in the BMHL have been able to use the "nuisance rule" for a few years now, where they may eject any player from a game at their discretion. The nuisance rule will now feature a potential "Abuse of Official" tag which will carry and automatic 1-game suspension, and will result in a lifetime ban from the league on a player's third incident.

The decision comes as league executives learned that longtime referees Jim Hawthorne and Jeff Parney will no longer be a part of the BMHL officiating team this season. Their departure was reportedly fueled by a number of on-ice arguments from players; Hawthorne was even bumped into by a player arguing a call last season.

"Our referees are what makes this league so great," said one league executive. "Without solid officiating, this would just be a shinny league. If and when our refs decide to call it quits, the BMHL will instantly be on a major decline."

Jim and Jeff are both veteran officials of the OHA, and have spent time as officials in professional leagues such as the UHL, IHL, and in the Ontario Hockey League. Jim is one of only a handful of level-6 referees in the province, and has been a major force in referee training clinics for a number of years. To have officials like this looking after the BMHL was something the league may never see again.

Thankfully, head official Rob Hawthorne has been able to assemble another well qualified group of officials who are each mainstays in the OHA at the Jr. "C" and Jr. "B" levels. Hawthorne does admit that if there would ever be another incident similar to the one where Jim Hawthorne was bumped, "it's going to be tough sledding" to convice referees to come look after the BMHL.

All players, fans, and onlookers should be reminded that arguing with, taunting, and generally disrespecting an official is something that the BMHL will deal with severely. At no point in time will actions of this nature be tolerated. BMHL referees have the final say on what takes place on the ice at all times. Additionally, let's not forget that this is a "beer league" and referees are just humans like us all.

BMHL captains will be briefed on this new rule change, but all players should expect to be dealt with accordingly should their emotions overcome their logical reasoning while communicating with an official.

As CARHA (Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association) and BMHL rules describe, only the captain of a BMHL team has the privelage to speak with an official during the game. No one else on the team should approach the referees circle at any point.

Prior to the current officiating team, the BMHL had just one referee (Jordan Bray), who was not even a carded ref. It's fair to say that a return to this calibre of officiating would be a major step backward for the BMHL.