CCBL Code of Conduct Pre Game Message


The following is to be read by the HOME TEAM before each game.


Welcome to tonight’s game between _______________ and ______________________.


Before the game, we would like to review the common standards of conduct.


 There is to be no inappropriate language or comments from the benches or spectator stands.

 If an inappropriate comment is heard, the party will be asked to leave to avoid arguments.

 If the person or persons refuse to leave, the game will be forfeited and the opposing team will be awarded the win.

 Personnel at a scoring table are to remain silent.  If any comments are made, a replacement will conclude the remainder of the game.

 These are the CCBL League rules for all games to guarantee our players a safe, proper, and fair environment for their contest.

 Let us not forget our adult values and why we are here tonight

 These are the League standards; these are the rules that we will abide by.


Must be done within 48 hours of game!