4th boys

(1)Cinnaminson vs (8)Collingswood  March 8 7:15PM Cinnaminson Wins

(2)Winslow vs (7)Haddon Heights  March 8 630PM Winslow Wins

(3)Haddon Twp Red vs (6)Audobon  Haddon Twp Wins

(4)Runnemede vs (5)Philly Monday March 4th 630PM Mary Volz School Runnemede Wins

Collingswood vs Barrington PLAY IN GAME 745pm March 4 Avon  Collingswood Wins

Semi Finals

(3)Haddon Twp vs (2)Winslow March 9th 3pm   Winslow Wins

(4)Runnemede vs (1)Cinnaminson March 11th 7:15pm  Cinnaminson Wins 


(2)Winslow vs (1)Cinnaminson  March 22nd 7PM Holy Cross  Cinnaminson Wins Championship


5th boys

(5)Cinnaminson @(4) Lawnside March 5 7PM, Lawnside  Lawnside Wins

(7)Collingswood @(2) Pine Hill White March 7 7:00pm Pine Hill Rec  Pine Hill Wins

(1)Philly vs (8)Barrington - March 5 6PM PhieldHouse  Philly Wins

(3)Winslow vs (6) Runnemede - March 6 745PM Winslow H.S. Winslow Wins


(1)Philly vs (4)Lawnside   Tuesday March 12th  615PM Phieldhouse Philly Wins

(2)Pine Hill vs (3)Winslow Monday March 11th 7PM  Pine Hill Wins


(2)Pine Hill vs (1)Philly March 19 615PM PhieldHouse  Philly Wins


6th Boys

(4)Haddon Heights vs (5)Lindenwold March 4 645PM Atl Ave Haddon Heights Wins

(1)Barrington vs (8)Runnemede  March 4 600pm Woodland  Barrington Wins

(2)Pine Hill Orange vs (7)Sterling March 6 800PM Pine Hill Rec  Pine Hill Wins

(3)Maple Shade vs (6)Merchantville  March 6 730pm Steinhauer School  Maple Shade Wins

Semi Finals

(1)Barrington vs (4)Haddon Heights Barrington Wins

(2)Pine Hill vs (3)Maple Shade  March 11th 8pm Pine Hill Wins


(1)Barrington vs (2)Pine Hill  March 16th 1PM  Pine Hill Wins Championship 41-29


8th Boys

(8)Runnemede @ (1)Lawnside 8pm March 5th     Lawnside Wins

(7)Barrington @ (2) Collingswood 730pm March 4    Collingswood Wins

(6) Winslow @ (3) Cherry Hill 730pm March 4 Mary Volz  Winslow Wins

(5) Lindedwold 7 @ (4) Lindenwold March 5 730PM   Lindenwold Wins

Semi Finals

(2) Collingswood vs (6)Winslow March 9  4PM Collingswood H.S.  Collingswood Wins

(1) Lawnside vs (4) Lindenwold  March 13 7PM Lawnside M.S. Lindenwold Wins


(2)Collingswood vs (4)Lindenwold March 17  Collingswood wins Championship


4th girls

(1)Haddon Heights Gold (Bye)

(2)Haddon Twp (Bye)

(6)Audobon vs (3)Winslow  March 7 630pm Winslow School 6  Audobon Wins

(5)Brooklawn @ (4)HH Garnett  HH Garnett WINS


(1)HH Gold vs (4)HH Garnett 645PM March 7 Atl. Ave. School   HH Gold Wins

(2)Haddon Twp vs (6)Audobon March 8 HT HS Upper Gym 7PM  Haddon Twp Wins


(1)HH Gold vs (2)Haddon Twp  March 10th 11am   HH Gold Wins Championship 22-7


5th girls

(3)Cherry Hill @ (2)Barrington Blue, Mon March 4 730PM  Barrington Blue Wins

(4)Sterling 5 @ (1)Runnemede 7PM Tue March 5  7:00PM   Runnemede Wins


(1)Runnemede vs (2)Barrington Blue  March 7 630PM  Runnemede Wins Championship 21-17


6th girls

(2)Haddon Hts Gold vs (7)Barrington HH Gold Wins

(6)Haddon Hts Garnett @ (3)Glouceste  March 4 630PM GCMS HH Garnett Wins

(8)Brooklawn @ (1)Sterling  March 5 630PM Sterling H.S.   Sterling Wins

(4)Pine Hil vs (5)Winslow March 7th 8:15PM Pine Hill Rec  Pine Hill Wins

Semi Finals

(6)HH Garnett vs (2) HH Gold March 7  745PM ATL AVE SCHOOL HH GOLD Wins

(1) Sterling vs (4) Pine Hill  Wed March 13 7PM Magnolia School  Sterling Wins


(2)HH Gold vs (1)Sterling  March 21st 730PM, Sterling HS Old Gym Sterling Wins Championship


8th girls

(1)Barrington vs (4)Williamstown  March 5 745pm Woodland   Barrington Wins

(2)Winslow vs (3) Sterling  March 5 745pm Winslow MS   Sterling Wins


(1)Barrington vs (3)Sterling 745pm March 8 Woodland  Barrington Wins Championship 43-30



Must be done within 48 hours of game!