Pre-Game Field Schedule
For pre-game batting practice, the home team has the field until 4:45; visitors have the field until 5:15. Home team takes infield for 5 minutes, visitors take infield for 5 minutes, and then coaches meet with the umpires. Game starts at 5:30. For early Saturday starts, adjust hours accordingly.

Newspaper Notification
The WINNING team should call in or email the results from every game to the Morning Sentinel.

You'll need the score, the winning pitcher's name, and the top 3 hitters from each team. It only takes a few minutes, but your players and families like to see their games listed. Besides, it supports the sponsors who support us!

Also, update the website by entering game information by logging in under Administration and clicking on the Game Results icon on the menu bar.

It's the responsibility of the home team manager to make the call regarding postponement due to weather. Contact visiting Manager and the Umpire Coordinator as soon as possible and no later than 4:00 p.m. Try to replay all postponed and delayed games in the same week, use the weekend if necessary. All numbers are available on this site under "Teams" or "Contact Us".
Team Rosters and Game Scores
Managers, please remember to update your team roster online, including all contact information. Please include cell phones, work numbers, etc. so that we can all reach you when necessary.

Registration Info Coming Soon


Registration Info Coming Soon...