Effective Date- August 20th 2015






1.                   Rules




 The EGHL will conduct play in accordance with the current Hockey Canada rulebook. The EGHL will abide by all annual changes made by Hockey Canada. In accordance with the official rules, the EGHL is entitled to make adjustments to playing rules in order to enhance game play and player safety. All adjustments will be cover in the EGHL By-laws. Any rules not covered in these by-laws are covered in the Hockey Canada Rule Book.




2.            Positions




a.                    President


b.                   Vice President


c.                    Secretary


d.                   Treasurer


e.                    Referee-In-Chief


f.                     Statistician


g.                    Military Sport Coordinator


h.                   League Scheduler


i.                     Team Representatives


j.                     Protest and Discipline Committee








AA.             All positions (a thru h) will be made up of military members or PSP                         staff. Each position will be appointed prior to each season and if there is no one to fill that position then the position can be filled by election at the AGM.




BB.         Team representatives will consist of the following:


Contact for the Unit (Sports O or representative)


Contact for each team participating in the EGHL




CC.              Protest and Discipline Committee – This refers to the people that will rule on all protest and discipline matters. It will consist of a minimum of three positions (a thru h) and all decisions made by the committee will be final.




3.            EGHL Divisions




                                The EGHL will consist of A, B, & C divisions. All units will be encouraged to have maximum participation throughout the EGHL. No specific unit will be directed as to which division they must participate in but the following is a general guideline for the upcoming season:




A Division – 1VP, 3VP, LdSH (RC), 1 CER, 1 Svc Bn, HQ & Sigs, Base Old Timers. Total 7




B Division - 1VP, 3VP, LdSH (RC), 1 CER, 1 Svc Bn, MP, 408 Tac Hel, Cooks, 1 Fd Amb, 3 CDSG. Total 10




C Division - 3VP, 1 CER, 1 Svc Bn, HQ & Sigs, 408 Tac Hel, 1 Fd Amb, 3 Can Div, Garrison Womens. Total 8




All units must confirm their unit’s participation in each division no later then 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. This is to give ample time to the league scheduler. All confirmations must be sent via email to the Military Sports Office from each unit Sports O. Once the league has commenced, only the Military Sport Coordinator or Assistant Military Sports Coordinator can make changes.




4.         Player Eligibility Regular Season




All military personnel are eligible to participate in the EGHL for their unit. No DND civilian members are eligible to participate as per the CANFORGEN. All units must submit team rosters to the Military Sports office prior to the first game, for that unit in each division. A maximum of 30 personnel can be associated with each roster. Roster cannot have the same personnel on 2 or more different roster for that unit. The exception to this rule is for any garrison team participating in the EGHL. Personnel participating in the EGHL on a garrison team can also be on the roster of their unit team. Personnel are allowed to participate in any division for their unit but once that player has played four games, they will now be deemed a player for that team in that division. Goalies are the exception to this rule as they can play in any division for their unit’s team. Goalies must still register with a team to be able to play.




5.         Player Eligibility Playoff




                                All unit personnel are eligible to participate in the playoffs if they have played four games for their unit in the regular season. Personnel can be called up from a lower division team to participate in a higher division if required. Personnel called up must be placed on the game sheet beside their name a note of AP (affiliate player). The same rules apply to this player as in the regular season, if they play four games in the playoffs they are now part of that teams roster for that remainder of that teams playoffs. Again goalies are the exception to this rule only if a team’s regular goalie is unavailable for legitimate reasons. Garrison players are also an exception to this rule. They may play for their unit with the following guidelines:




- Players must be a registered garrison player (Men’s, Old Timers, Women’s)


- Men’s and Old Timers players are only eligible to participate in the A division.


- All eligibility issues will be referred to the Protest and Discipline committee for review and final decision.




6.            Players Equipment




                                All players in the EGHL will wear the proper protective equipment as set out by Hockey Canada and the CAF National Rule book. Highlights to these rules are the following:




a.                   CSA Helmet with full cage


b.                   BNQ neck guard




If a player is found to not to be wearing the proper protective equipment while on the ice (this includes warm up) the player will be assessed a minor penalty for Illegal equipment. If after the infraction the player returns to the ice and had not corrected the deficiency they will be assessed a game misconduct. If a player is found to be wearing any protective equipment improperly, they along with their team will be given one warning. Any further violation of this rule by any players on the team will be assessed a misconduct.




7.            Goalie Equipment




                                All players in the EGHL will wear the proper protective equipment as set out by Hockey Canada and the CAF National Rule book. Highlights to these rules are the following:




a.                   CSA helmet with CSA cage (No Cats Eyes)


b.                   BNQ neck guard


c.                   Plastic throat protector




For violation of these rules please refer to players equipment rules. The exceptions to this rule will be that no goalie will serve a minor penalty or misconduct and if the goalie doesn’t have the proper protective equipment the game will be ended in a default win for the non-offending team.




8.            League Points




                                Points for teams during regular season games will be the following. Three points for a regulation win, two Points for a shoot out win, one point for a shoot out loss. Zero points for a loss in regulation.




9.            League Standings




                                Teams will be ranked by the total amount of points they have earned during the regular season. If teams do not have the same amount of games (plus or minus 2) then the standings will be based on winning percentage.




10.          Playoff Format




                                In the playoffs all series will be a best out of 3 games. The maximum amount of teams to make the playoffs will be eight per division. Garrison teams are not eligible for the playoffs but players are. The following format will apply based on the amount of teams in each division:




                Four Teams – Round 1 1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd


                                             Round 2 Winner of each first round series




Five Teams – One game playoff 5th vs. 4th


                                                Winner becomes 4th place team


                                                Follow four-team format to complete playoffs




                Six Teams – Round 1, 6th vs. 3rd, 4th vs. 5th


                                          Round 2, Round 1 winner vs. 1st, Round 1 winner vs. 2nd


                                          Round 3, Round 2 winner vs. Round 2 winner




                Seven Teams – Round 1, 7th vs. 6th


                                                  Winner becomes 6th place team


                                                  Follow Six-team format to complete playoffs




                Eight Teams – Round 1, 1st vs. 8th, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th, 4th vs. 5th


                                                 Round 2, first round winners, 1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd


                                                 Round 3, second round winners, 1st vs. 2nd




11.          Game Cancellations/ Forfeits




                                If units are unable to ice a team for a scheduled game they must inform the Military Sports Office no less then 24 hours prior to game time. If they do not, or the team forfeits a game for not having enough players the offending unit will be given a warning for it’s first offence. This warning will be sent to all unit team reps and that units CO. Any future violations of this rule will be dealt with by higher.




12.          Team Composition




                                Teams must have a minimum of 9 players to start a game and can have a maximum of 20 players (including goalies) plus 5 team officials on the bench. If a team has 9 players to start the game but no goalie they have the following options:




-          Wait for the goalie. He must be on the ice ready to play by the end of the first period. For every 5 mins that passes on the game clock a goal will be awarded to the non-offending team until the goalie is on the ice. Also the offending team will be given a bench minor penalty for delay of game once play starts.


-          If the goalie doesn’t show by the end of the first period the non offending team wins by default with a 4-0 score


-          The team can play with six players. They would receive no minor for delay of game. Their goalie must be on the ice by the end of the first period or they will loose by default.




13.          Game Play Rules and Guidelines




-          The EGHL is a non- Body checking league in all divisions.


-          Each team is permitted 1 time out per game


-          Teams are not allowed to call time outs if they are waiting for their goalie to arrive at the game


-          Each game will have a 3 min warm up


-          Ice resurfacing will happen every 2 periods, there is a possibility to skip the scheduled resurfacing but that is up to the arena staff at that game. It is not recommended


-          If a regular season game is tied at the end of regulation a 3-person shoot out will take place. If after the 3 person shoot out the teams are still tied they will go to a one for one shoot out until one team wins. All players on the team must shoot once. If all the players on one team have shot then each player is eligible to shoot again in any order. Once one team has gone thru their game roster, both teams can send shooter for a second shot in any order.


-          If a playoff game is tied after regulation a 4th period will be played. The ice will not be resurfaced; the teams will not switch ends. The period will be 10 mins stop time. If the game is still tied the ice will be resurfaced and the teams will switch ends and continue to play 20 mins stop time until there is a winner. Every 2 periods the ice will be resurfaced in the overtime.


-          All teams are expected to be at the rink and prepared to start 15mins prior to their scheduled start time. The exception to this is rule is the first game of the day as teams are expected to start on time.


-          At the beginning of each game the time on the clock will read 24 mins and will start running when both goalies are on the ice or the schedule game time. At the 21min mark the whistle or clock will sound and players must pick up their pucks and be ready for the opening face-off.


-          Game play will consist of 3x20min straight time periods with the last 5 mins of the 3rd period being stop time if the difference is 4 or less. If at anytime during the stop time period the goal difference is 5 or more the clock will turn to straight time upon the scoring of the 5 goal. If the goal difference becomes 4 or less then the clock will stop upon the scoring of the goal. If a penalty is called during straight time it will be a straight time penalty. If a penalty is called during stop time it will be a stop time penalty.


-          Penalty times are as follows: Straight time Minor = 3 mins, Major = 7mins


  Stop time Minor = 2mins, Major = 5 mins


-          All face-offs following penalties will be in the offending teams zone at one of the face-off spots or as designated by the referee as per Hockey Canada rule 10.2 Jr and Sr supplement page 149


-          Head Contact will be called as per Hockey Canada rule 6.5 C Jr and Sr supplement






14.          Suspensions




                                The following guidelines are the minimum standards for the following infarctions:




                Misconduct – If assessed in the last 10 minutes of the 3rd, minimum one game suspension and league review for repeat offenders


                Game misconduct – Minimum one game suspension and league review


                Match Penalty – Minimum 3 game suspension and league review


                Gross Misconduct  - Minimum 5 game suspension and league review


Fighting – Minimum 3 game suspension and league review.


 ISIce Hockey mins 2015-2016


This criteria is a simple format for all team reps to follow. Upon league review, the player in question could potentially receive more for his actions, this is simply the minimum. Also PSP is now tracking all suspensions nationally and a suspension in the EGHL could carry over to the next season anywhere in Canada for military sports. All suspensions will be passed on from the Protest and Discipline Committee to the Military Sports office and then on to the unit Sports O and team reps with in 24-48 hours. If a player plays while he is suspended the offending player will face additional discipline and the player’s team will forfeit and games this player has played for them while suspended. Once players are suspended, the team must place the players name on the game sheet of the games he is suspended so the EGHL can keep track. The onus is on the player and his team to prove he has served his suspension. The following is an example of this: Players name Serving 1 of 3.