Player Development

Junior baseball provides the opportunity for any child to play with youth of comparable skill and age levels.  This differs from other organizations that have wide ranges of age and skill levels playing together on the same teams, limiting player development and the playing time of some players.  Our most skilled players team with like skilled players.  Our moderate to lesser skilled levels compete with similar players from other areas.

Playing Field

Our field size is adjusted for each of three age levels.  This allows players to play on a field that matches their strength.  Less often does a single player dominate a game.  At the same time the quality of play is better at the lesser skill levels.

Real Baseball Rules

Players learn skills and tactics consistent with high school rules. Base runners lead off, pitchers throw from the stretch, and at most levels a "dropped third strike" is live.  This helps players develop more quickly and gain a more advanced understanding of the game.  At the same time, our lesser skill and age levels play with a per inning run limit to keep the score and game in perspective.


Our season is more focused on summer play than other organizations.  We generally begin in mid to late April and continue through July.  Teams that wish to play more enter tournaments, available at all levels, on weekends.


Midgets through Seniors, at all skill levels, compete for births in County and State competition against other teams in their skill and age levels.

Clackamas Junior Baseball has won many County and State Championships! The majority of players on the 2008, 2010 and 2017 Clackamas High School 6A Baseball State Championship Teams played youth baseball for Clackamas Junior Baseball!

Clackamas Junior Baseball works closely with Clackamas High School Varsity Coach, 2008 6A High School Baseball Coach of the Year, John Arntson, in developing a baseball program that teaches proper baseball fundamentals for any level of play.



2017 TRANSITIONAL RULES – Player/Coach Pitch

  1. Field Dimensions shall be 40ft (pitching distance) / 50ft (base distance) - Approximately

  2. All games will be held at Happy Valley Middle School – North Field

  3. Team listed second on schedule is visiting team. (Third base dugout)

  4. Visitors are to bat first.

  5. 3 outs consist of an inning.

  6. Games should consist of 5 Innings.

    • No new inning should start after 2 hours .

  7. Teams must bat the entire team line-up in a batting order.

  8. No stealing or leading off.

  9. Over throws. Runner is allowed to advance one base on an over throw  (ONLY 1 overthrow per play which means the play is effectively dead).

  10. No bunting.

  11. There will be a five run limit per inning with the final inning open.

  12. Pitcher shall not pitch more than 2 innings in a game.

  13. One pitch constitutes Inning.

  14. Any pitcher that hits three batters in a game should be replaced.

  • Coaches are encouraged to remove any pitcher that has hit two batters especially those pitchers who pitch at a higher velocity.

  1. The batters coach shall call balls and strikes.

  2. After four called balls, the batting players coach shall act as the pitcher.

    • The count should continue, third strike batter is out.

  3. Coach that becomes the pitcher must throw over hand from pitching rubber.

  4. No walks are allowed.

  5. Third strike, player is out even if catcher drops the ball.

  6. All players shall play at least 6 defense outs.

  • A tenth or eleventh player may play in the outfield (never infield) to avoid sitting.

  1. All ties go the runner. Any close ties go the runner (fun)

  2. All teams shall play a minimum of 10 games.

    • The schedule should be set for approx. 12-15 games

  3. The season shall end the week school is out for the summer

  4. All players must play at least one inning in the infield every game.


2017 TRANSITIONAL RULES – Machine Pitch


  • To improve the playing experience for all Transitional level players Clackamas Jr. Baseball will be instituting a new game format that will involve the use of an electronic pitching machine.  The schedule will be set to attempt to allow each team to have one game of each format per week.


  • The home team coach will be responsible for setting up and taking down the machine on game days.


  • Game rules will be amended as follows and the player pitch rules will apply where not specifically modified below.


  • Coaches and players will not pitch during these games


  • The batters coach shall feed the machine and call balls/strikes.


  • The coach feeding the machine shall show the ball to the batter prior to feeding the machine.


  • Players will never feed the pitching machine under any circumstance as to avoid possible injury.   Additionally coaches shall attempt to keep kids away from the machine at all times.


  • The pitcher position and will start from a pre-designated safe position on the field that will be to the side and slightly forward of the coach / machine operator.  The pitcher position is intended to be as close as is safely practical to the mound.


  • If a batted ball comes into contact with the pitching machine it shall result in a dead ball and base hit (single).  Runners shall advance appropriately (1 base).


  • There are no walks so the batter will hit or strike out.  It should be the goal to allow no more than 6 pitches per at bat (not to include truly errant pitches by the machine or foul balls).  At bats will not end with a foul ball unless the defensive team catches the ball.


  • To encourage hitting, kids who have not extinguished their 6 pitches shall not be struck out by watching a third strike.  If they watch the 6th pitch for a strike then this does not apply.


  • All Machine pitch practice and games will be held on Jake’s Field at Oregon Trail E.S.


  • Practice schedules will allow 1 practice per team per week to be held at Jake’s Field.


  • There will be a pre-determined speed for the machine that coaches will agree upon prior to the game.  This speed should be consistent amongst all participating coaches in the league and will be set in the coming weeks. (Game speed 43MPH)


  • In the case of a machine malfunction all games will immediately switch to the traditional game format.



$30 of the registration fee is not refundable

Once teams are picked there are no refunds.

The Fundraiser Fee allows for a $50 registration reimbursement fee if a player sells 10 pizzas.

NYBUA Umpires Needed
Northwest Youth Baseball Umpires Association needs umpires to work youth baseball games.
1. Umpires must be 14 years old and willing to learn and become certified umpires.
2. If you don’t drive we will try and keep you close to home.
3. Pay for one game can range from $37 to $67 depending on your qualifications and willingness to improve.
4. You choose the nights you can work.
5. Weekend tournaments will also be available to work if you can.
6. Pay is once a month starting in May.
7. You may also want to consider to work “fall baseball” after the regular season is over.
8. Registration and training begins on Tuesday February 28 th at Gladstone HS cafeteria 7-9 pm. Also, on Wednesday March 1 st at Wilsonville HS room 103 7-9 pm or Papas Pizza in Beaverton (near Tualatin Hills Park and Rec) Thursday March 2 nd 7-9 pm. Training and registration will continue for one additional week at all three locations same dates and times.
9. You will also be required to attend to attend a clinic to further your umpiring skills and learn to manage your games.
10. Registration fee is $50. You will receive training material (NFHS rule book) be able to attend all clinics. 
This fee will cover you for the entire year.
11. If you are interested you may contact Dave Kuhns at [] or call 503-848- 9081 or just show up at a training session near you.





Players who desire to play at the Transitional, Midget, Junior or Senior level need to participate in the assessment process:


  • To Assist each player in determining which skill level they should play in,
  • To assist the coaches in seeing which skill level their players should compete and
  • To expose coaches to players they have never seen before.



 Sunday, February 25th, Clackamas High School

Midget General........12:00-1:45pm

Junior General.........2:00-3:45pm

Senior General........4:00-5:45pm



Tryouts will be held at


Check-In will be in snack shack


PLEASE BRING: Glove, bat, cleats & gym shoes, batting gloves, helmets, etc.

Dress with layers since tryouts will be both inside and outside.

Please dress in baseball attire.




Interested in coaching or assisting???

Coaches Applications available under handouts to the left of the page.  





Become A Clackamas Jr. Baseball Sponsor


The youth baseball season is upon us and we are in the process of preparing over 400 participants to play baseball.  As a non-profit association we try to keep registration fees to a minimum and we even offer scholarships for those who can’t afford to pay.  Our funds go to providing safe and proper equipment, safe ball fields to play on, and uniforms for all the teams.  However, it never seems to be enough and we look to local businesses and individuals to help fill the void with tax-deductible donations.


Out of each donation, $25.00 or 10% (the higher amount) goes to the league and the remainder goes to the teams(s) that solicited the donation.  For example, out of a $250.00 donation, the league would get $25.00 and the team would get $225.00 to use towards equipment, uniforms or tournaments.


You may print off and complete this form under the handouts section to the left, or simply click the donate now tab below.  Be sure to list the head coach of the team you with to support!



Thanks for supporting Clackamas Junior Baseball


Level and Age Group of Play

Level and Age Group

The following are general age groups for Clackamas Junior Baseball. The goal with Junior Baseball is to match the player to the appropriate skill level. The following are general age groups associated with each level.

T-Ball: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

(date of birth must be BEFORE September 1, 2012 to play)-Jerseys Supplied but Grey Baseball Pants are at additional purchase

Transitional: 2nd Grade-Jerseys Supplied but Grey Baseball Pants are at additional purchase

Midget Level: 3rd and 4th Grade

Junior Level: 5th and 6th Grade

Senior Level: 7th and 8th Grade

Within the Midget, Junior and Senior Age Groups, there are three levels of play which are outlined as follows:

Federal – The most advanced players skill wise generally play at this level.

American – Advanced

National – Developing Skills

Contact Clackamas Junior Baseball

Clackamas Junior Baseball is committed to Sportsmanship in 2018. Please let us know how we are doing through the season, and report any problems.

Thank You!

Write to:

Clackamas Jr. Baseball
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