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League rules - Detroit Travel league

Game Rules

Our league's game rules are governed by Major League Baseball (MLB) rules with certain overrides. Please review the base rules on the MLB web site.

Please note the version of rules / policies because periodically we make enhancements to them. The web site version is the official version. Make sure you review and print off the latest version of the rules / policies.  

 The following rules override the MLB Rules where appropriate:

1.  Game will consist of  6 innings or 2 hour time limit.
2.  Pitching distance & base length.


44' pitching mound and 60' base length


46' pitching mound and 65' base length


50' pitching mound and 70' base length


54' pitching mound and 80' base length


60'5" pitching mound and 90' base length (standard MLB)

3.  MHSSA High School Slide or Surrender Rule
4.  Malicious contact at any base is forbidden (umpire's discretion)
5.  Mercy Rule  15 runs after 3 innings 10 Runs after 5 innings (home team bats if behind).  
6.  Spikes/Shoes  rubber or plastic sheated shoes only.
7.  Courtesy runner for pitcher or catcher and they must be a player not in the game.   If all players are in the game then the courtesy runner will be the last out.
8.  Bats – BBCOR/USSSA stamp. See league rules.

9. Umpires - One Umpire for regular league games.

10a. 2 Umpires will be provided for playoff games.

11. Umpires must be unrelated to any player or coaching staff member 
12. Home teams must report score within 48 hours of completion or report the date that the game was moved to. If a team does not show, then that will be a forfeit. To reschedule a non-rainout game, you must call the coach of opposing team at least 48 hours in advance.
13. Pitcher can not be removed from the game defensively then go back on the mound, if pitcher stays in the game defensively he can go back on the mound. 
14. For rain-out purposes  or any  "Act of God" (example - rain-out, tornado etc.)  4 complete innings consititute a complete game. 
15. Starters may re-enter the game 1 time.  Substitutes may not re-enter.
16. Game balls:
Diamond DOL-1 BPA Raised Seam Baseballs

17. All Players Batting:  If both teams agree to all players batting a  "continuous batting line-up"  is in effect.  If a continuous batting line-up is in effect each team must declare it only at the beginning of the game.  You may not switch during the game.  If a player is injured before his turn in the line-up and can no longer bat then that team will not be penalized with an out, but the player can no longer play in the game.  Next batter assumes the position in the line-up.  This is the only situtation where the order of the line-up can change.
18. All Players Substituted:  If both teams agree all defensive players being able to be substituted as many times as needed   "free substitution"  is in effect. Rule 16 no longer applies, but rule 14 is still in effect.   If free substitution is in effect each team must declare it only at the beginning of the game.  You may not switch during the game.  The batting line-up can not change unless an injury occurs (see rule 18).  
20. Batters may be intentionally walked by the opposing team's coach telling the umpire.   They will not have to throw 4 pitches.
21. Games can end in a tie.

Penalties  (All other penalties are as they appear in MLB rules)

Rules 3,4:  Player is out
Rule 6: Player wearing metal spikes (9u-12u) cannot play.
Rules 7,14,16:  Play is stopped. Player must be replaced. 
Rule 8: Play is stopped.  Player must exchange bat.
Rule 9: Would be a forfeit  if the game is protested and player found ineligible.  
Rules 11,12: Game is played.  A protest must be filed with the league director.  Penalty will be a forfeit.
Rule 13: League director discretion.  Could be a forfeit for home team.
Rule 17: Both teams must agree to play with non-approved baseballs.  If they do not agree then the home team must schedule another game at visitors field at their expense.

Protest:   Team must file a protest (via e-mail) to the league director for that age division by 12:00 noon the day after the game is played.  The opposing team has 72 hours to respond to the protest.   If either of these requirements are not met the opposing team will win the protest.  After both requirements are met the director will rule on the protest.