Eastwood Baseball & Softball Association

By-Laws & Structure

Being a volunteer association, parents, and guardians of children participating in activities sponsored by the Eastwood Baseball & Softball Association (EBSA) are encouraged to become actively involved in the operations of the EBSA. Participation is vital to the continued success of the organization as it not only ensures that the council is aware of the opinions and desires of the general membership, but also develops future council candidates who will be capable of continuing the operations of the EBSA in an efficient and competent manner.

In order to achieve this goal, effective November 10, 2013 the Eastwood Baseball & Softball Association adopted the organizational structure, bylaws, and procedures outlined in the following pages. With passage of these measures, the EBSA began operating through a central council, utilizing committees consisting of volunteers from the general membership to coordinate specific areas of operations and recommend possible courses of action to the council.

Upon approval, these by-laws become biding to the association and can only be modified through the procedures contained herein.

General Membership

Composition: The general membership of the EBSA will consist of all parents or guardians who have children actively participating in EBSA sponsored activities. In addition, past members who no longer have children actively participating in EBSA sponsored activities will also be considered members if they are currently participating in one or more of the committees established by the EBSA council.

Voting Rights: Each general member of the EBSA will have 1 (one) vote on matters presented to the general membership for consideration. This will primarily consist of the election of council officers when presented, but could include items that council wishes to put before the general membership.

Quorum: Votes undertaken by the general membership will normally be restricted to those present at a called meeting of the EBSA, and require a simple majority of those voting members present. If warranted, the EBSA council may use other forms of taking a vote such as email, text, or other polling procedure.



EBSA Council

Purpose: The council will be responsible for overseeing and conducting the business of the EBSA in a respectable and efficient manner. The council should be responsive to the input and concerns of the various committees and other parties such as parents, coaches, and outside organizations. In addition, the council will be responsible for developing and enforcing the policies adopted by the EBSA.

Composition: The council will consist of 15 (fifteen) members. These members (officers) will be elected by a vote of the general membership. The council officers are:

President, Vice President, Director of Baseball, Director of Softball, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Concessions, Field Maintenance Manager Pemberville, Field Maintenance Manager Luckey, Equipment Manager Baseball Luckey, Equipment Manager Softball Pemberville, Trustee, Trustee, Advisor, Advisor

The council officers will be required to fulfill their responsibilities as outlined in the position descriptions.

Election: Election of council officers will take place at the general meeting held in November. Persons seeking a council position will be selected through an election process and must be nominated for office prior to the election in order to be considered for a council office. Nominations for council officers must be received at least one week prior to the November meeting at which time a vote of the general membership will be held. Nominees must receive a simple majority vote of those present at the election meeting to be installed as a council representative.

Terms of Office: Council representatives will serve a 1 (one) year term. Terms of office will commence January 1 following the election and end on December 31st. There will be no limit to the number of consecutive terms an individual may serve, providing they receive approval through a majority vote through the election process.

Voting Rights: The EBSA council, being made up of elected members entrusted with conducting the business of the EBSA, will have exclusive rights to vote on matters regarding the operation and policies of the organization, and only the officers votes will be valid in such decisions.

Quorum: Votes undertaken by the council will be decided by a simple majority of these voting members present. Issues must receive a minimum of 6 (six) positive votes for passage.

Vacancies: If a current member of the council must vacate their position during the term of office for personal reasons, they should, to the best of their abilities, try to find an acceptable replacement to finish their term of office. If a current member of the council is removed from office, the remaining council members will fulfill the responsibilities of the vacating member until an acceptable replacement to complete the term of the vacating member can be found. Replacements must receive an approval from a minimum of 6 (six) current council officers to complete the term of a vacating member.



EBSA Council Position Descriptions


The President of the council will oversee the EBSA council and represent or provide for representation of the EBSA in matters concerning outside organizations and agencies. The President will also be responsible for conducting timely and organized meetings of the EBSA on a regular basis. In addition the council President will be responsible for ensuring that the goals of the EBSA remain in focus and are met in an acceptable fashion. The President will work with the Vice President in heading up registration and uniform ordering. The president will also oversee the other council members if problems arise.

Vice President

The Vice President presides in the absence of the President. The Vice President handles online registration setup and maintenance, assists the president in uniform and equipment orders, and assists other board members with overload of responsibilities. The Vice President is responsible for updating and maintaining the Association website and Facebook page.

Director(s) of Baseball and Softball

The Director of Baseball and/or Softball will work in direct contact with the President and Vice President of the EBSA on registration. The Director of Baseball and Softball will communicate all directions of the Softball and Baseball programs with the EBSA board. Additional responsibilities include arranging and facilitating pre-season coaches meetings, help and approve rosters, and work with equipment managers including distributing equipment to coaches. Rosters must be signed off by the President, Vice President, and Director of Baseball and/or Softball. The director will attend all ESGSA and ASA meetings as a representative for the EBSA and report back to EBSA on all materials, changes, and updates. The Director handles all scheduling duties for the Youth Softball Program for the EBSA. This includes but is not limited to scheduling softball and/or baseball practices, schedule home games based on field availability, schedule umpires for home games, work with grounds manager on field set up and schedule, and work with concession manager on game and tournament schedules. The Director(s) will conduct and coordinate an umpire clinic. Finally the Director(s) will consult with the High School Advisory board members on players and coaches clinics and opening day ceremonies. 


The Treasurer of the EBSA will be charged for maintaining fiscal responsibility for the Association. The Treasurer shall present the board with monthly financial reports, pay bills, make deposits, and track transactions. The Treasurer will be responsible for creating budgets for concessions, uniforms, equipment, concessions, and all other activities the EBSA conducts business.





The secretary of the EBSA will be responsible for maintaining complete and accurate minutes of all the meetings of the council where EBSA business is discussed. These meetings will be distributed to council members after meetings occur for review by council members. The secretary should be involved in community fund raising activities and report all related information back to the EBSA board.

Field Maintenance Manager

The Field Maintenance Manager(s) will be responsible to maintain good feel conditions. The manager will coordinate activities for pre-season field clean-up day. The Manager will coordinate to get batting cage and outfield fences set up, will perform or will hire and train employees that will perform the actual field set up during the season and any end of season tournament. The manager will provide employees with accurate field set-up diagrams and instructions including providing job descriptions for employee(s). The manager will provide employees with weekly updated field schedules and make sure employees are paid when needed. The manager it to keep a supply of gas readily available for tractor, keep shed stocked with field lime, keep shed clean, and maintain field care equipment (rakes, shovels, drags, tractor, bases, pictures mounds, etc) in good shape. In addition, the Field Maintenance Manager work with employees to keep restroom facilities clean and stocked.

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager(s) of the EBSA will be responsible for equipment distribution to the coaches for T-Ball, baseball and softball leagues. The manager will be responsible for equipment maintenance during the season and organization of equipment return at the conclusion of the season. The equipment manager will work on tasks of EBSA throughout the year. The equipment manager will volunteer to keep fields in good working order and help with tournaments and season games where needed.


The Trustee(s) is a voting delegate with responsibility to volunteer to help other members of the EBSA. Duties include assistance with clean up days, fundraisers, regular attendance of council meetings, and other assistance as requested or needed.


The advisor(s) is a voting delegate who preferably (but not mandatory) is a liaison between the High School baseball and/or softball teams. Duties include assistance with clean up days, fundraisers, regular attendance of council meetings, and other assistance as needed.