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SRA Partnership Information

Elmira - Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken, as played in West Elmira, has been the area’s premier youth baseball league since 2001.  Our chartered territory is all of Chemung County, excluding the Spencer / Van Etten area. This area includes all of Elmira, Big flats, Horseheads, Elmira Heights, Southport, Pine City, many other towns within Chemung County, and even parts of northern Pennsylvania.  Players from all these areas have always been included in our league and the league has benefited by their participation.  From our balanced teams to our simple philosophy of “kids first”, we make playing in our league a fun experience for every kid regardless of their ability. We are a kid’s baseball league, not a coach’s league.

For the 2014 baseball season, our Elmira Cal Ripken league was asked for and granted a trial year of partnering with Southport Recreation (SRA), thus allowing SRA’s Minors and Majors teams to play games within our schedule.  SRA’s stated mission is to recruit new players who may not have previously played spring baseball or may have played in a league other than our Elmira Cal Ripken League, and further more, focusing those efforts on recruiting new players from Southport, Pine City and northern PA.  This is their mission and we support them. 

What does this mean for you?  Basically nothing if you are already playing.  Only if you are a new player, and live in the SRA region, will you have the option of playing in either SRA (Southport’s Chapel Park, and Draxler Park) or Elmira Cal Ripken (West Elmira’s Pirozzolo Park).  As a part of our agreement with SRA, all of the kids currently in the Elmira league, regardless of where they reside, are to remain in the Elmira Cal Ripken league.  Both Elmira Cal Ripken and SRA intentions are not to simply move players from one side of town to the other but instead, to increase the number of new baseball players.  Together our hope is that more new players will discover the fun of baseball.