Playoff Rules

Because of a problem that happen last year in the Finals of the NBA. All playoff teams must have 5 players to start the game. There will be no callups for the playoffs. If you somehow during the game lose players because of fouling out or being hurt you can play with 4 but if you go below that, the game will be halted and the other team will be declared the winner. We don't see this happening. All Divisions will have have a 2 minute overtime with a added 30 second timeout. Any unused timeouts can be carried over into the overtime period. In the NBA Division the final minute of O.T. the teams can press.

2017-18 Rules


1. All Leagues, All players will play at least half the game. Easiest way to

do this is sub every four minutes. During Playoffs I will be easier on this,

but the youth should take part in both halves. If you play the youth in the

regular season at least half the game I don’t think this will be a problem.


2. Mt Ephraim NBA and NCAA, four eight minute Quarters, three time outs

for the game. Gym Rats two 18 minute running clock half’s with 3 time

outs. Clock will stop on timeouts and foul shots. Also the last minute of

the game clock will stop on whistle. No O.T. except in playoffs

where there will be a two minute period and 1 timeout added


3. All Leagues, any player or coach giving a technical foul will have to sit out the rest of that game and 

not play in his/her next game. If the player gets another technical foul the player will be

ejected the next two games. A third technical and the player is

expelled for the season. Any eighth grade player given a technical foul

loses their chance of winning the Mount Ephraim Basketball scholarship.


4. No full court pressure, [a] In the Gym Rats Division and the NCAA. In the NBA Division no full court pressure until the last 2 minutes of the game and last minute in O.T. 


5. In the Gym Rat Division, you will be allowed 5 seconds in the lane. In the

lane gets reset every time a shot is taken, so if a player is in there for like

10 seconds and there is several shots taken thats why there is no call.


6. Foul Shots, [a] Gym Rats: 3 feet in front of the foul line can hop over but

can’t be the first to touch the ball. [b] NCAA: can hop over the line but

can’t be the first one to touch the ball. I would like this rule only for the

weaker players the better players just for their own development should

shoot the right way.


7. No three point shots, I personally think this is why players don’t shoot the

short jumpers and layups well. If you check most games from last year,

teams lost because of either they miss over 70% of their foul shots or

miss to many lay ups.


8. All team’s make the playoffs, it’s a REC League have Fun


Pee Wee Rules


1. All players will play at least half the game, We will be playing 4 eight minute quarters.

Subs will come in only at the 5 minute mark in the quarter or beginning of each

period. Injury is the only time you can sub during the game.


2. Try and have a women near or on your bench in case you have a situation with a girl

on your team. Have one of your parents do the scoreboard it really isn’t hard we had

several 3rd and 4th graders do it last year, so I think a parent can do this just as well.


3. When we can we will play either 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 since all teams have 9 players, part

of the period we will play 4 on 4 and the other part 5 on 5.


4. Players will be matched up by Mr Callahan at half court, We only play Man to Man


No double teaming

5. No defense played above the white line by the the top of the key at any time. On

change of possession have your team run back to the other foul line. this seems to

be the best way of doing this.


6. There is no 3 second violation at this level.


7. Traveling rule will be laxed in the first 4 games but if a player is continuous running

around he or she will be stopped and the referee will instruct the youth that they can

only pass. Players who are doing well will be the first to be called for traveling after a

few warnings.


8. Fouls shots will be up to the referee where to start them at, about half way seems to

work out best.


9. We have a unwritten rule, if a player isn’t getting a shot at some point in the game we

might call a imaginary foul, and put them on the foul line. More so if it’s toward the end

of the season and a player hasn’t scored yet.


10. There will be two games on Monday nights and two games on Tuesday night.

times will be 1st game 5:30 with the first 15 minutes for drills, game to follow 5:45.

2nd game at 6:45 with the first 15 minutes for drills game to follow at 7:00. Try and

work on something that you need to work on from the previous game. Like to have

everyone out by no later then 8. I may be putting other games in that late slot. You

can scrimmage another team it’s up to you, but I would like for you to work on skills

more then playing a game if you want to scrimmage do it against your self.


11. No playoffs, just a trophy presentation.






A graduate of ours Samantha Dimitri is first girl to kick a field goal in South Jersey

Deptford girl splits the uprights as a kicker
By Marc Narducci
It all started with a powder-puff football game and evolved into something much bigger for Samantha Dimitri.
The Deptford senior made history in Saturday's 21-17 loss to Pennsville in an interdivisional Tri-County football game.
According to area historian Chuck Langerman, Dimitri became the first female in South Jersey to kick a field goal, which she booted from 23 yards out.
She was also perfect on her two conversion kicks, finishing a memorable debut that mirrored her performance the previous October, when the Deptford juniors played the seniors in power-puff football.
In that game, Dimitri was successful on all five of her conversion kicks, and word got back to varsity football coach Al Orio.
It turns out that Orio knew Dimitri well since he is Deptford's junior varsity softball coach, and she is a varsity player.
One thing led to another, and Dimitri tried out for the football team and not only made the squad but beat out two other hopefuls for the kicking job. She also tried out for the punting job but did not win that.
As a freshman and sophomore, Dimitri played soccer at Deptford, and last fall she joined the field hockey team. She enjoyed all those experiences but says they don't match up to how she felt after her football debut.
"It was definitely crazy, and I've never experienced anything like that," she said. "It was the best feeling when I made the field goal."
What has been just as good from her perspective is how the players have accepted her.
"My teammates have been awesome," he said. "Now I hang out with a lot of the football players."
Her teammates have looked at what she has accomplished with admiration

Top Five teams of the last 10 years.

5. 2016-17 Toronto Raptors, Dan Obermier avg 26 ppl and Aiden Tomeo 14 ppg

4. 2011-12 Miami Heat 11-1, Chris Blaylock average 28 ppg and Andrew Fehr 8 ppg.

3.Jimmy Fenton and Mike McHugh led 2004-05 League Champs Coached by Bob Wermuth.

2. 2010-11 Oklahoma City Thunder 12-0, Point Guard Adam Gotsch averaged 17 ppg and Forward Erica Lord had 13 ppg.

1. 2005-06 Miami Heat 12-0, scored a League record of 645 points and averaged 54.0 ppg. Point guard Samantha Dimitri averaged 12 ppg and Wade Gies had 426 points, 35.5 ppg, including games of 41, 45, 46 and 53 points.


Honorable Mentions: 2007-08 Boston Celtics 10-2, Runner up to the Number 5 Philadelphia Sixers. Lost Both games to the Champion Sixers. Keith Michalski average 23 ppg. The Eric Dolan led Championship team of 2003-04 Coached by Ed Dolan. Eric Came close to averaging a triple double.

Top Ten Boys of last 15 years

10. Chris Blaylock

  9. Dustin Bellis

 8. Jim Greenwood

 7. Keith Michalski

 6. Adam Gottsch

 5. Eric Dolan

 4. Matt Dolan

 3. Lamont Young

 2. Brandon Boyd

 1. Wade Gies


Honorable Mention: TJ Ward, Jim Fenton, Dan Obermier

Top Ten Girls of the last 15 years

10. Meghan Connelly

 9. Kaitlyn Young

 8. Erica Lord

 7. Morgan Lenahan

 6. Rebecca Pund

 5. Maddie Lord

 4. Breck Urban

 3. Maggie Gies

 2. Samantha Dimitri

 1. Stephanie Gies


Honorable mention: Katherine Francolina, Dallas Urban, Jill Eves, Grace Marshall

Top 5 Coaches last 10 years

5. Bob Wermuth 2004-05, 2011-12 League Champions.

4. Joe Granato 2009-10 League Champions

3. Mary Duffy Back to back League Champions for 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons.

2. George Gies Five NBA titles 2005-06, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2013-14 and 2016-17. Runner-ups 2004-05, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2009-10, 2015-16 seasons.

1. Ed Dolan 4 years in a row NBA Champions including 2003-04 season.