League play begins this Sunday!

  Hello Captains,

A few things as we get started this weekend:


1)      Please make sure that your ENTIRE team has a form of ID with them, as we will be carding teams to confirm resident status, roster enrollment, and paid status. If you forget your ID, we will make a note on our roster that you still need to be checked. You can come into the Recreation Office (6005 Forest View Rd.) after play has started to show your ID, and pay any balance you may owe if you would like.


2)      We will have a table set up near the shower (by where the bonfire pit is) throughout the first few weeks of play. One of my staff will be there to assist with check-in, Scorecards, etc. Please feel free to ask them any questions you may have, even ones un-related to Volleyball. They really like the “What is the meaning of life” line of questioning.


3)      You have until Friday May 19th to finalize your roster with full time and substitute players. Any changes made to your roster after the 19th must be approved by the Recreation Department and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


4)      All fees are due by 5:00pm on Friday May 26th. If your team is not paid in full at that time, you will begin to receive automatic forfeits as well as a late charge. Your team will not be permitted to play until the fees are paid and your roster is back in good standing.


5)      Blank scorecards can be picked up inside BaseCamp (they will have a box behind the bar). Once you finish your matches please fill out the card and bring it back in to BaseCamp. All teams who turn in scores to BaseCamp will receive 15% off their bill for that night! Take advantage of this great deal and enjoy!


6)      If you know your team cannot make a game, please be courteous to your opponent and call/email them immediately to let them know. Some people have a long drive to get here and don’t want to be stood up! If you are having issues finding a team’s info, please let us know and we can send it to you.


7)      Scores will be updated on League Lineup on Mondays. I will update all scores as soon as I can Monday morning for the previous week of play. If you do not see scores online, let me know and I can walk you through accessing the score area.


8)      Please make sure that you are cleaning up garbage when you leave the courts. We have noticed quite a bit of garbage already being left at the courts after non-league play and I want to be able to tell the board that it is DEFINITELY not league players who are making a mess. If you see a group leaving garbage at the courts when they are done, feel free to call them out on it in front of everyone at the courts, or report them to Rec. Department if you don’t want to deal with it. Unfortunately, I have been asked to levy fines against groups who do not clean up, I would really rather not do this, so just keep doing what you’ve always done, and toss your garbage in the cans! We’ll be getting more garbage cans at the courts as soon as they get delivered.


9)      Port-A-Potties will be set up during the first week of May, so you may not see any out there your first night of play. Please resist the temptation to pee on a tree and go inside. Apparently, there’s a really high demand for portable toilets right now, go figure.


Schedules will be posted to League Lineup today and tomorrow; captain info will be up there as well. There is a potential that we will be having one more team joining the A league, and a potential of 1 or 2 in one of the “B” leagues. If that happens we will email the leagues individually and let you all know.


That’s all we’ve got for you, have fun out there, play fair, play nice, and no biting each other (you know who you are!).


Four Lakes Recreation Department


Chris Buehler & Adam Grego


Chris: cbuehler@fourlakessnowsports.com | 630-963-3601 – call/text/fax


Adam: agrego@fourlakessnowsports.com | 630-828-5941 – call/text/fax


The end of season tournament has been scheduled for September 8th, 2018. Time TBD. Please let me know as soon as you can if your team does not plan on participating. As always, we will be playing a double elimination style tournament. The first matches (up until semifinals) will be 2 of 3 to 21 with a cap of 23 or 1 hour in time. If a team wins the first 2 games, then the third game shall not be played. If the 1 hour comes to an end and play is still in progress, then the team with the higher point total shall win. This is in an effort to keep playoffs running smoothly. The semi-finals on shall be best 2 of 3 to 21 with a cap of 23 with no time limit imposed. 

Forfeits shall be assigned after the 10-minute mark of a scheduled game to the team who is not present. If both teams are not present, then both teams shall receive a forfeit and move to the losers bracket or be eliminated depending on their record. Exception to this rule is the first game of the day where there will be a 15-minute forfeit window. THE FORFEIT WINDOW COUNTS AGAINST THE OVERALL TIMER ON THE MATCH.

Please let all of your players know that they must have their ID with them to check in before their first game. Check in will start 1 hour before the days first matches and will continue through the start of the second-round matches. If a player is not checked in, they cannot play. 


Because, in the past, we have had a number of problems with people playing on multiple teams throughout the playoffs and delaying games for everyone else we will be imposing a new rule that requires players to sign on for their preferred roster. Each player who is listed on multiple rosters will only be allowed to play on 1 4s team and 1 6s team. Again, this is to help keep time and keep playoffs running smoothly.

This season will be using score sheets to help keep track of scores throughout the day in case there is any question of who won a game. Score sheets will be available at the tournament check-in table throughout the day along with clipboards and pens. Also, we will have surveys available that can be filled out anonymously throughout the day. These surveys can be used by any person involved in the league and does not have to be filled out by a captain. Please feel free to use these surveys to let us know of any ideas you may have, or anything that can be improved.


Please let me know if your team cannot make playoffs, and don't forget to check your scores online to make sure you haven't missed anything!