March Madness Information 2017-18 season.





The official March Madness times/dates are being posted below. The individual game match ups will be posted as soon as all the coaches have been contacted.



1. Make a roster complete with uniform #'s. Give roster to game/court announcer.
2. Meet your team in front of the volunteer room and enter together. Walk around the corner hallway and go to "Volunteer Room" #136. Coach see Andy Chambers or a Volunteer Committee member. He will let you in side door. Every team will get a set of T-shirts for your players. Please give the player the size shirt you ordered for them.
3. Players/Coach's get in free. Parents/fans pay $2.00. If you have a State Tournament game ticket, its free admission into the exhibition hall.
4. All coaches, put a whistle in your pocket just in case it is needed. No refs are assigned this year in the Boys 1st/2nd Grade or Girls 1st - 3rd Grade Divisions. You will need to ref or bring someone who will help. 3rd/4th Grade Boys, 5th/6th Grade Boys, and 4th - 6th Grade Girls are supposed to have refs assigned to the court.
5. No wristbands. Play man to man defense. Fall back after defensive rebound.
6. Two 20 minute half's. Running clock. Substitute players in at 5 or 10 minutes for equal playing time.
7. Call all your players and give them game info. Players wear Future Stars uniform.
8.  Please notify your parents of the new security measures that were implemented at the Civic Center. They include changes in personal items allowed in and bag/purse sizes. Check out the Peoria Civic Center website for the details.
9.. Have Fun!


Thursday March 8th
1st - 2nd Grade Boys                   Cavaliers (Team 1)                            5:45 pm
                                                                vs                                            Prairie Farms Court
                                                    Boston Celtics (Team 3)
1st - 2nd Grade Boys               Golden St. Warriors (Team 5)               5:45 pm
                                                                vs                                           Caterpillar Court
                                                  San Antonio Spurs (Team 6)
1st - 2nd Grade Boys                      OK City Thunder                            7:00 pm
                                                                 vs                                          Caterpillar Court
                                                    Chicago Bulls (Team 4)

1st - 3rd Grade Girls                    Minn. Lynx (Team 3)                           5:45 pm
                                                             vs                                               Ameren Court
                                                     LA Sparks (Team 4)                                                                          
1st - 3rd Grade Girls                   NY Liberty (Team 1)                            7:00 pm
                                                              vs                                               Ameren Court
                                                   Chicago Sky (Team 2)


5th - 6th Grade Boys                         Bradley                                         7:00 pm
                                                              vs                                              Prairie Farms Court



Friday March 9th
3rd/4th Grade Boys               Boston Celtics (Team 1)                           4:30 pm
                                                            vs                                                Prairie Farms Court
                                                  LA Lakers (team 5)
3rd/4th Grade Boys                Chicago Bulls (Team 4)                           4:30 pm
                                                             vs                                              Caterpillar Court
                                              Golden St Warriors (Team 7)
3rd/4th Grade Boys               San Antonio Spurs (Team 6)                    6:00 pm
                                                              vs                                             Caterpillar Court
                                                Toronto Raptors (Team 8)
3rd/4th Grade Boys                 OK City Thunder (Team 3)                     7:30 pm
                                                              vs                                             Caterpillar Court
                                                Cleveland Cavaliers (Team 2)


4th - 6th Grade Girls                Chicago Sky (Team 2)                            4:30 pm
                                                              vs                                              Ameren Court
                                                  LA Sparks (Team 4)
4th - 6th Grade Girls                 NY Liberty (Team 1)                              6:00 pm
                                                              vs                                              Ameren Court
                                                  Minn. Lynx (Team 3)