Used Cleats and Shin Guards

High Bridge Youth Soccer maintains a collection of used cleats and shin guards for the use of players who need them. Speak to you player's coach or any member of the soccer board for more information.


If you have any old cleats or shin guards that are in good shape, we happily accept donations so that we can continue to help keep all of our players outfitted.


  • How much does it cost?

      • Currently, early-bird registration is $65 for each player. Families with 3 or more players only pay for the first 2. Subsequent players are free.

    Who can play? 

      • Nearly anyone, we have players from High Bridge, Clinton, Tewksbury, etc.

    Where are the Games?

      • All Pre-Wee,Pee-Wee and Junior Games are at Union Forge Park in High Bridge.  Intermediate and Senior teams play approximately 2 "Away" games with our InterLeague partners (Bethlehem Twp-20 mins, Lebanon Twp-7 mins). See our maps on this website for directions.

    When are the games?

      • All games are on Sat. Mornings between 9 and 12noon. There are no practices for PreWee or Pee Wee Players. Other divisions practice 1-3 times per week on a schedule set by each team's coach (usually with consideration for the parents of the players on his/her team). Occasionally, the Senior Teams will have a midweek game, but not frequently.

    What Equipment do I need to buy?

    How much experience does my player need to play? 

      • In the Pee Wee & Junior Divisions, No experience is necessary at all. In the Intermediate and Senior Divisions, it can be helpful, but still isn't mandatory. We have all levels of experience in each division, from players who have trouble kicking straight, to players who can dribble around adults.

    What Division will my player be in?

      • PreWee 3/4 year olds, Pee-Wee is K and 1st, Junior is 2nd and 3rd, Intermediate is 4th and 5th, Seniors is 6th, 7th, 8th

    How much volunteering is expected of me as a parent?

      • We are an organization that is run by and depends on Volunteers. That being said, we all also understand that each person's availability varies. Generally, each team is asked to provide 2 parents to work the concession stand a few weekends per season. Coaches usually ask a parent to bring a snack for the team each game (rotating schedule) Basically, volunteering is limited to what parents can manage. Eventually, you may decide to coach or help in a more substantial way, but there is no mandatory volunteer requirement.
  • Where do the parents sit to spectate?

      • At the Intermediate and Junior Fields, there are bleachers behind the team benches. The Pee Wee Parents generally bring lawn chairs and sit along the fields. The Senior field, due to its location is a little problematic. Senior spectators generally sit at the end of the field near the snack stand on lawn chairs. 
  • Is High Bridge Youth Soccer the best youth soccer league around?

      • Of course.