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Off-season Recommendations For All Potential Basketball Players

Running: 3 x Per Week

8 90's (1 lap around track in 90 seconds, then 90 seconds of rest)
10 40 yard sprints
5 Shuttle Slides (Start on 0 yard line, slide to 10 slide to 0, sprint to 20)
4 Machine Guns (Sprint up stairs, jog down stairs, full home side of bleechers is 1)
Bleecher Jumps 2 sets each (one flight of stairs with right leg only, left leg only, and both legs)
1 800 (2 laps)

Weight Training:
All Lifts 3X10 as much as you can lift. If you can complete all 3 sets, its time to move up in weight.

Upper Body: 2 Days per week
Bench Press
Incline Press
Military Press
Triceps Extension
Lat Pull Down
Front/Lateral Raise

Lower Body: 2 Days per week
Calf Raises
Leg Extension
Leg Curls

Offensive Skills:
Zig Zag Dribbling (cross-overs, between the legs, spin dribble, behind the back)
Shooting (Triple threat shooting-catch on the hop, one hard dribble pull-up, one dribble lay-up from the 3 point line)
V-cuts/back cuts
Screens/Pick n Roll/Pick n Pop
Free Throws

Defensive Skills:
Boxing out
Containing the Dribbler
Pushing to the Corner
Taking Charges