May 29, 2018

ATL Metro RBI 18 and Under League

18U Division:

1) 42 Baseball 18U

2) Livsey Baseball 18U

3) MGBA 1 18U

4) MGBA 2 18U

5) Tiger USA 1 18U

6) Tiger USA 2 18U


ATL Metro RBI 15 and Under League

15U Division:

1) 42 Baseball 15U

2) MGBA 15U

3) Tiger USA 15u

4) Wolf Pack 15u


ATL Metro RBI 14 and Under League

14U Division:

1) ATL Parks Rec 14U

2) Carver 14U

3) MGBA 15U

4) Tiger USA 15u


May 13, 2017

ATL Metro RBI 18 and Under League

East Division:

1) Blue Jays

2) Tiger USA I


4) Jaguars Baseball


West Division:

1) Tiger USA II

2) 42 Baseball


4) FCA


ATL Metro RBI 15 and Under League

15U Division:

1) ATL Stars

2) Stockbridge

3) Tiger USA 15u

4) MGBA 15u


Rules of League & Divisions


*** Rules of league ***


-Open Substitution for defensive positions

-Batting line up must stay consistent-can use a DH, EH, and/or XH

-All games are 1 hour 45 minute time limit but you complete the full final inning if started before the 1hr and 40min time limit

-Wood bats or metal bats can be used

-Run rule: if a team is ahead by 15 or more runs after the 3rd inning or 8 after 5, then the game is complete.


-Both teams must put in 2 "new" game balls per game at the beginning of the game

-regular season roster can have 20 players, rosters must match names. 

- players must be 18yrs old to play in the 18u, unless a graduate of a local high school can be 19, but will not be able to advance to the southeast region. Only two college eligible players can advance to the southeast region, but a local team can have up to 5. 

-player must be 15 yrs or younger to play in the 15u

-all teams must show sportsmanship at all times

-Clean all dugouts after your team plays.

- There will be a 1 game championship with the 2 teams with best records in each age group division. Your team will not qualify if All RBI paperwork is not turned in by June 17, 2017. The Players still can as individuals

- Best record, best div record, head to head, least runs allowed, most runs scored.

- Some games will end in Ties, championship will play out.

The Championship team (20 man rosters) gets to take up to 9 players from the championship team and the other 6 players must come from 3 or more other teams, to complete a 15 man roster.

The league will play Tuesday through Thursday in the month of  May and June

(Monday and Friday will be used for possible rain outs)