June 15, 2018



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June 3, 2018 – 01:00 PM

Tricky Tray 

Middletown Elks

Highland Ave.

1:00 Pm-5:00pm


each team responsible to contribute a themed basket!

May 19, 2018 – 08:00 AM

MLB Pitch, Hit and Run!

April 14, 2018 – 09:00 AM

             Opening day ceremony:

New Parade Route: Parade Lineup 9 AM at presidential park baseball field travel to Watts Park

Opening Ceremony

Picture Day

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50-50 Tickets 

Basket Raffle 


Revised 1/2013


Coaches will pitch to players on their team to start the year.  The date the players will start to pitch will be set after the first week of the season.

 1.         During coach pitch games, the batter gets 3 strikes and there are no walks.

 2.         During player pitch games, the pitcher can throw a maximum of 5 pitches per batter. Balls and strikes are called, but only strikes are tallied, there are no walks.  After 5 pitches, the coach for the batters team will come in to pitch and the batter will keep the accumulated strikes.  (Example: Player pitches, batter swings and misses one pitch, takes a strike, and then takes 3 balls, the coach comes in and pitches, the batter has 2 strikes.  If the batter swings and misses the first coach pitch, the batter is out.)

 3.         At least one league umpire will be used for games.

 4.         Coaches must abide by the Little League Pitch counts as follows:

50 pitches per day maximum.

36 - 50 pitches in a day, two calendar days of rest, must be observed.

21 - 35 pitches in a day, one calendar days of rest, must be observed.

1 - 20 pitches in a day, no calendar days of rest is required.

 5.         A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the rest of that game.  A catcher who catches 4 or more innings, cannot then pitch.  1 pitch constitutes an inning.

 6.       Games will be 5 innings.  Games may be called for darkness prior to the completion of 5 innings.  In the event of a game being called, the team with the lead at the end of the last completed inning will be declared the winner.   The umpire or league officials will be responsible for determining a game being called for darkness.

 7.         2 coaches are allowed to stand in the outfield while their team plays defense.

 8.         Portable pitchers mounds will be used for all games and will be 35 feet from home plate. 

 9.         No bunting

 10.       No stealing

 11.       One base on all over throws.

 12.       All players must be in the batting order

 13.       No on deck batters.

 14.      The player batting is the only player allowed to hold a bat, no exceptions.  Disciplinary action will be taken against the manager and player if this is not followed.

 15.       3 outs per each inning or once around the batting order.  This rule does not apply to the last inning of game.

 16.       Each player must play a minimum of 3 innings in the field for every game and have at least 4 full games through the season.

 17.       No player is to be out of the starting line up for two consecutive games.

 18.      Home team is responsible for bringing out and putting away of the bases.  Visiting team is responsible for bringing out and putting away of pitching mound.

 19.     The Board of Directors maintains the right to review, modify and/or amend any and all of the Middletown Little League rules as we follow the rules and regulation of Little League International.

Middletown Little League By-Laws

Middletown Little League - By-Laws

Revised 1/2013


1.         Mandatory playtime for every division.  Each player must play a minimum of 3 innings in the field per game and play 4 full games throughout the season.  If playing time requirements are not met, then the player must start the next game and play the entire game. Penalty for not adhering to the mandatory playing time rules are:

                        The manager shall for the:

                                    a.         First Offense - received a written warning;

                                    b.         Second Offense - be suspended for the next scheduled game;

                                    c.         Third Offense - be suspended for the remainder of the season.

Note:   1.         If the violation is determined to be intentional a more severe penalty may be assessed by the Board of Directors.

                        2.         If a violation occurs in a game shortened by curfew, darkness or inclement weather the league may elect not to impose a penalty.

                            3.         A forfeiture of a game may not be invoked because of these infractions.

                        4.         If a player is not making scheduled practices, the player is not entitled to the “play time rule”.  Manager will then enforce the 1 at bat and 3 defensive out rule.

 2.         NO ON DECK BATTER ALLOWED FOR ANY DIVISION with the exception of Immediate, Jr Boys and Sr. boys division.  At no time may a player may touch a bat unless he or she is up to bat. 

All players must remain in the dugout with a manager or coach throughout the entire game.

                        Note: Only 1st and 3rd base coaches should be outside of the dugouts while game is being played.  ONE coach must be in the dugout at all times with the players and no one else.

 Penalty for this offense: The player is ejected from the game and the Manager is suspended for the next game.   NO WARNING !!!!

3.         Pitch count rules are in effect for every baseball division.  We must follow little league rules from the rule book.

 4.         All games must start and end with NINE (9) players, no exception.

 5.         15 run rule is in effect after the 4th innings for every division for Mini-minors on up.  The game will officially be over.  If the 4th inning is going be the last inning due to a time limit, the 10 run rule will not be in effect.

 6.         No more than 10 runs allowed per inning in every division except Majors, Jr. Boys and Sr. Boys.  This rule does not apply to the last inning of any game in any division.

 7.         Minor Baseball:         After 5 runs are scored in an inning there will be no more stealing allowed in that inning.

Except: Regardless of the score both teams can steal in the last inning.

 8.         T-ball, Mini-Minors, Minor Baseball and Minor Softball: EVERYONE bats whether or not they are playing defense.  All players present are to be in the batting line up.  Mandatory playing time is still in effect.

 9.         Major Boys and Jr. Boys may use an EH (extra hitter).

                        Note:   Player must meet defensive play requirements.

 10.       No pool players for ANY division.

             Major Baseball and Major Softball: 

* Note: Forfeits will be handed out for teams that are short handed (unless an emergency caused the team to be short handed).  If a team knows in advanced that it is going to be short handed and did not reschedule the game at least 1 week in advance, team therefore forfeits that game.  A maximum of 2 games may be rescheduled only with the exception of inclement weather.

 11.       Standings:

First, Second and Third place will receive a trophy in each division from Mini-Minors on up.  Highest winning percentage will determine the standings.

                                    Tie Breaker:    1.         Head to Head results.

                                                            2.         Fewest runs allowed

                        Note:   Keeping proper score books will ensure accurate standings.  Home team is responsible for official score book at each game.

 * Score sheets must be filled out and left at the shack after each game.  Both TEAMS along with the UMPIRE must sign the score sheet as well as the pitch count sheet.

 12.       Minor Baseball, Major Baseball and Major Softball:

Playoffs will be played as follows and all games will be played under the regular season rules.  Top 3-4 teams will enter a playoff to determine a Champion.

                                    Round 1: 4th vs. 1st and 3rd vs 2nd - Best of 3 series

Round 2: Winner of 4th vs. 1st and Winner of 3rd vs 2nd

 will play each other for the Championship.                                  

                                    Losing teams will play for 3rd place in best of 3 series

 The lower seed teams will also play 2 rounds of consolation games.  This is done so that all teams in Minor Boys and Major Boys play an equal amount of games.

 Note: Due to any inclement weather, playoffs will be 1 game elimination. Determination to be made by the Board of Directors.

13.       Drop 3rd strike is in effect during regular season play for Majors and up.  Refer to section 6.05 of the Little League rules.   

 14.       Illegal Bats Baseball and Softball

 The use of an Illegal bat as per Little League rule # 6.06(d)

 A bat is determined to be illegal as per Little League rules/List.  An official at bat is when the batter has one or two FEET is/are in the batter’s box.  A challenge has to be made after the bat is used and BEFORE the next batter has an official at bat.  However if a challenge is made after an official at bat has started and the bat is determined to have been illegal, then no penalty but the bat will be taken out of the game and dugout. If at the time of the challenge a bat cannot be determined to be illegal, it will be taken out of the game with no penalty.  However if the unknown bat is used after being taken out, then IT will be treated as an Illegal bat.  Once a challenge is made and it is determined that a batter has used an illegal bat, then the following penalty will be enforced by the plate umpire.   

  1. The batter will be out and suspended from the next game.(The batter’s name must be place on the score sheet).  Please note that the batter must be present at the next game or it will not count as a suspension.
  2. The team will lose one base coach.
  3. A second offense will resulted in #1 and the ejection of the Manager from the game plus the suspension of such Manager for the next game.

15.       Home team must put the bases out and the Visiting team must put them away.

 16.       Coaches should conduct themselves in a positive manner at all times whether on or off the field.  There shall be no smoking or alcoholic beverages on the fields or in the presence of any player.  Foul language is unacceptable, please refrain from using it.   It is the coach’s responsibility to control the behavior of the parents and spectators.  Coaches need to control their tempers toward any umpire.  If you have an issue please discuss it calmly.  The umpire is in control of the game and needs to be respected whether or not you agree or disagree with his or her call.  Please remember the kids and parents are watching, you need to set a good example.  Anyone who does not adhere to this may be subjected to suspension by the Board of Directors.

 17.       All teams are responsible for cleaning up the dugouts immediately following their games. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD in the dugout nor are parents allowed to feed their child/children thru the gate AT EVERY LEVEL.

 18.       Curfew:

                        No new inning can be started after 8:00 pm for any division.

                        For night games:        No new inning can be started after 10:00 pm with the exception of Major Boys, Major Girls, Jr/Sr. Boys and Jr/Sr Girls, no new inning after 10:30 pm.

If after starting the new inning and it ends in tie the game is suspended and MUST be completed within 7 days of the suspension.

19.       All games are 2 hours and 15 minutes with the exception of Tball which is 1 hour 30 minutes or 5 Innings whichever comes first and will not be made up.   Each team will only get a 15 minute grace period.

 If a game is stopped due to curfew and the game is in a tie, the game is then suspended and MUST be complete within 7 days.  If the game is not completed, the game is a “No-Play”

 20.       No games may end in a tie for any division.

 21.       Intentional Throwing of Bats:  

1 offense is a WARNING; 2nd offense is ejection of game.

 22.       3 coaches - One manager and 2 Coaches at all times.  No other parents are allowed by dugouts.  NO EXCEPTIONS, THEY WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.

 23.     The Board of Directors maintain the right to review, modify and/or amend any and all of the Middletown Little League by-laws as we follow the rules and regulation of Little League International.