All players will be drafted on ONE team and can ONLY play for that team. Any player playing for another team will FORFEIT his registration for the remainder of the season.  .  Also, the game that the player played in will be FORFEITED.  

All player information is used during the draft. Any player who intentionally misleads team coaches by not fully disclosing their player status will forfeit registration and season.

League Rules

In 2016, MLC switched to follow COLLEGE rules with the following exceptions:

Violation during face-off, after whistle but before possession - no flag down for 3 fouls in a half 

Defender is within 5 yards of player awarded possession prior to restart -Officials tell the player to move back and give him up to 5 seconds to do so; delay of game penalty assessed if he does not get 5 yards back.

Last 4:00 minutes stop time. (Unless Mercy rule is in play)

Mercy Rule. (5 goals)

Yes, stalling is a shot clock … buzzer and then ref counts the 10 (counted out loud) (Count continues on a shot unless, balls are NOT on the endline, player needs to go get a ball, etc….)(Unless Mercy rule is in play)  (Should really only happen in the last 4 minutes but can happen anytime)

30 second to clear is only in the Last 4:00 minutes stop time. (Unless Mercy rule is in play)

Draft Rules

Rules of the Draft are as follows:

Picking Order (Known as the Batting Order):
This a the order that teams get to pick. This is based on the order the Team finished the regular season the year before. (Last place gets first pick and so on). A new Team will get the first pick.

Coring allows a Team to maintain players from the previous year. Each Team has to core a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 10 (4 for MASTERS) including coaches. A new Team gets the first picks until their core is at 4 players.

TEMPORARY Batting Order (TBO):
After every Team has stated how many and who they are coring, a TEMPORARY batting order (TBO) is made. This TBO is established based on the number of cored players you team takes. For example, if Teams A & C core 4 and Team B cored 8, then A would pick their 5th player, then C would pick their 5th, A - 6th, C - 6th, then A - 7th, C - 7th, then A - 8th, C - 8th, then the TBO is done with all teams having the same number of players. From there, the picking order would continue based on the original batting order until each team has 25 (20 for MASTERS). (If there is ten teams, then there will 250 players are in the draft - this includes all the core players.) (Therefore, in this example, sign-ups with anything over 250 players, the undrafted players are put on a waiting list.)

Trades can occur anytime before the draft and up to about 1 week after the draft. Trades can happen for varies reasons, a Team needs a players, carpooling/application requests (which typically happens with the young/beginning players, the nobodies in simplest terms), etc....

Protection List (PL):
This is a maximum of 2 players that was on your team last year or was on your PL from the year before. The PL allows a Team to protect a player if they aren't returning to the area for a year or so, but still gives that Team the right to core that player if he does return down the road. A Team needs to place that player on the Team's PL every year to retain the player's rights.

New Coach Rule

To become a coach; The player must be on the team already, or available in the Draft, or Trade for AND in the League for at least ONE year.