AYF/AYC Highlights

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AYF rules discourage weight loss. There is no 1 lb weight increase during the season. The weight is given up front at the beginning of the season.

Practices begin on the 4th Monday of July. This allows the children to have more practice time before playing a game.

We have an 8 game regular season scheduled, a friendship game prior to the season starting and 4 weeks of playoffs allowing for the top 4 teams in each division a chance to compete in post season play. After 4 rounds of playoffs, 1 Jersey Shore Champion at each of the 5 competitive levels will be sent to the AYF National Championships in Orlando, Florida to compete for the National Title.

At the end of the season AYF allows, its leagues the ability to select in a fair and acceptable manner an All Star team. All Star teams can be formed at each competitive level. These teams will practice for one week and then compete against each other at the Jersey Shore North vs. South All-Star Weekend.

We will continue to play by the 6, 8 and 10 play rule. If you are one of the teams to compete in the National Championships, we must play by the 4, 6 and 8 play rule.

AYF allows you to start a game with 12 players and not the 16 that have been required in the past. This will help the smaller teams in the organization.

If a team does advanced to the National Championships in Orlando, FL,  families are not required to stay at a Disney resort and purchase park hopper tickets. This will save families a lot of money.

With American Youth Cheer (AYC), we are offered many opportunities to participate in camps and clinics directly with AYC, which ensures proper and safe instruction, which is important to all coaches and participants who are beginning their involvement in your cheerleading.

AYC along with UCA/USA judges are trained specifically for AYC cheer and dance competitions. Judges are consistent in judging local competitions, regional competitions and the national competition in Florida. All judges at the national cheer competition are UCA/UDA judges, only. This helps the cheer teams and staffs have a better understanding from the beginning of the season as tow hat the judges are requiring and expecting from a teams routine for the entire competitive year.