NSYFL Championship - November 8th
Flag 1:00 PM Northland Chiefs vs. Chargers
3 & 4 3:00 PM Necco Raiders vs. Northland Longhorns
5 & 6 5:00 PM Necco Raiders vs. Chargers
7 & 8 7:00 PM Necco Raiders vs. Chargers


3rd and 4th Grade NSYFL Championship 

Necco Raiders 8-2 vs. Northland Longhorns 9-0 

The Longhorns have been the favored team in this division since their Simone Tournament Championship. The Longhorns won the regular season matchup convincingly. This Raider team didn’t have many returners from the 2013 Championship team, but has a lot of talented athletes. The question will be, have these athletes become football players? And, can they mesh into a football team? If the Raiders play up to their potential, they can be very good, and they will have to be, because the Longhorns have proven all year they are already a very good team. 


5th and 6th Grade NSYFL Championship 

Necco Raiders 9-0 vs. Chargers 8-1 

The Raiders have been dominate all season, they face the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year. The Chargers are one of the most improved teams of the season since losing to the Raiders in the regular season by a significant margin. This game will be a very good game between two of the most respected organizations in the NSYFL. 


7th and 8th Grade NSYFL Championship 

Necco Raiders 9-0 vs. Chargers 8-1 

This game has been talked about and anticipated since 2012 when the two teams faced each other in a great game for the 5th/6th grade Championship. Both teams have become bigger and stronger since 2012 and matched up in one of the best games of the NSYFL season in week 2 when the Raiders won 14-0. This matchup will be a fitting end to the NSYFL season as its two best teams meet up to determine the 2014 Champion. 




NSYFL Playoffs

Semi final round


Staley High School   NKC High School
Team Division Game Time   Team Division Game Time
Chiefs v Sharks  Flag 8:45AM   Chargers v Raiders Flag 8:45AM
Longhorns v Chiefs       3rd/4th 10:00AM   Chargers v Raiders 3rd/4th 10:00AM
Raiders v Chiefs  5th/6th 12:00PM   Chargers v Sharks 5th/6th 12:00PM
Raiders v Chiefs  7th/8th 2:00PM   Chargers v Sharks 7th/8th 2:00PM

Saturdays Game day matchups


3rd and 4th grade

Necco Raiders (6-1)         vs.         Longhorns (7-0)

The game to determine the Eastern Conference champion and who will earn the first round playoff bye.


5th and 6th grade

Necco Raiders (7-0)         vs. Longhorns (3-4)

The Longhorns have a good offense that can be confusing to defend.


7th and 8th grade

Necco Raiders (7-0)         vs. Wildcats (4-3)

The wildcats are big and athletic and have improved all season.

On Saturday afternoon the Northland Chiefs lost a member of their coaching staff.  Coach Dave Graham, defensive coach for 3rd and 4th grade  passed away Saturday Oct 11 in a unexpected tragedy.    Dave was well respected both on and off the field and was a friend to the NECCO Raider coaching staff.  On behalf of the NECCO Raiders organization our thoughts and prayers are with his family especially his wife, Katie and his 3 children.  Please keep Dave’s family and entire Northland Chiefs organization in your thoughts and prayers.





Class of 2014

Super Bowl Champions

2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, 2013

56-1 overall record



Final home game of the year !

Packers week


Raider field good bye for our 8th graders

8th graders

Chopper Mordecai 10 yrs.

Nathan Gray 9 yrs.

Ben Wade 9 yrs.

Alex Roush 8 yrs.

Hayden Thornton 7 yrs.

Parker Heyne 7 yrs.

Michael Lagas 4 yrs.

Bryson Chandler 4 yrs.

Drew Mackie 3 yrs.

Skyler Mertz 3 yrs.

Daniel O'Neill 2 yrs.

Dawson Watt 1 yr.

Evan Streich 1 yr.

Jordan Grice 1 yr.

Roman Wilson 1 yr.

Reggie Parks 1 yr.

Saturday will be the last home game of the 2014 season and significant as the 8th graders will be playing their last home game as a Raider. This 8th grade class will go out as one of the most successful classes to ever play in the Raiders program. Our 8th grade group were the first Raider Flag team to win the Flag Championship. They have won the tackle championship every year from 3rd grade through last years Championship. They are 5 time winners of the Simone Tournament. Currently they have an overall record of 55-1 in NSYFL play, not including their 10 Flag division victories. These young men have truly been great members of our Raider family.  A few of the 8th graders  started out as young flag players, and have been playing with the Raiders since they were 5 years old.  


Come out and see these young men  at Raider field one last time and show them how proud we are of each of them. 



Great job guys you are going to be missed at Raider Field.


Raider for life.



It's Shark Week

Our rival in the East will be our host at their home field (Hodge Park) this weekend

Have you heard of the Raider Killer? The Sharks believe they have one!

The Sharks ended our 3rd/4th grade Championship streak in 2012, & our 5th/6th grade streak in 2013

Kudos to them

All levels will be great match ups

This will be an exciting, and intense week of Football

Get ready Raiders one of most anticipated weekends of NSYFL football is here


3rd and 4th grade

Raiders 4-1 vs Sharks 4-2

Must win for both teams in the league’s toughest conference

Rematch of the last 2 years 3/4h grade Super Bowl game


5th and 6th grade

Raiders 6-0 vs. Sharks 6-0

Rematch of teams from 2012 3/4th grade Super Bowl loss

The game will determine the winner of the East Conference

Regular season 2014 game of the year for 5th/6th grade division


7th and 8th grade

Raiders 5-0 vs. Sharks 6-0

This will be one of the very best games in the leagues top level in the 2014 season

This game will determine the winner of the East Conference

NSYFL GameDay feature game


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Homecoming is this weekend


If you’re a former Player, Cheerleader, Parent,  or Fan come home to Raider Field this weekend!


Many great events are planned

Come Back

and enjoy

 A great day of Necco Raider Football


Congratulations Coach Cascone on your marriage.

You have a beautiful bride, and we will make sure to give her a seat in the luxury box at Raider Field to watch you

coach greatness.

7  former Necco Raiders were placed on the list of Elite 81 high School football players in Kansas City

First Team

QB - Brian Sharp - Liberty North

WR - Faizol Bouchard - Staley

OL - Tanner Owen - Kearney (Mizzou Commit)

DB - KiAndre Pugh - Liberty North


Second Team

RB - Kahluna Bouchard - Staley

DL - Travan Warmack - Blue Springs

LB - Parker Mertz - Staley


See the entire list at:





Giants week


This weekend the Raiders head to Pleasant Valley Park, home of the Giants. This field is where many exciting and epic games between the Wolverines and Raiders took place. This park gets the blood flowing for many of the Raiders who were around during the Wolverine years.


The games will be fun to watch. 3rd and 4th graders are looking to rebound from their first loss since 2013, ending a 12 game winning streak. 5th and 6th grade will look to continue their journey in a quest to see the Pirate on the sidelines again this year.


Our Raider 8th grade class will play their last regular season game ever at Pleasant Valley. For the veteran 8th grade Raider players they will remember this field as the site where many of them started with the Raiders, playing most of their flag games at pleasant Valley. Our 8th grade class of Raiders have had many great games on this field. Six of the 8th graders played on this field in a competitive flag semifinal in their final year of Flag back in 2008. The Raiders had never won the Flag Super Bowl, and the winner of that game won the right to play for the championship.  It was a very emotional game with Raiders going against Raiders. Many people felt that it was the true championship game because both Raider teams could have been the best in the league. The Raiders won, and went on to be the first Raider Flag team to win the Super Bowl. The 8th graders also took part in many great games against the Wolverines on this field and they never lost. Let’s see if this class can finish their work at Pleasant Valley park before they head off to High School.


Here is a look back at the 8th graders record at Pleasant Valley Park 8-0 

2008 (Flag) Raiders Black 46 vs. Wolverines white 0 

2008 (Flag) Raiders Black 27 vs. Wolverines blue 7 

2008 (Flag)  Raiders 25 vs. Raiders  6  in the epic semifinal game 

2009 (3rd grade) Raiders 31 vs. Wolverines (B team) 0 

2009 (3rd grade) Raiders 34 vs  Wolverines (A team) 0 

2011 (5th grade) Raiders 36 vs. Wolverines (B team) 6 

2011 (5th grade) Raiders 18 vs. Wolverines (A team) 6 

2013 (7th grade) Raiders 31 vs. Giants 0


The weather will be perfect for football, so make sure you put on the Silver and Black and come see what new chapters of exciting football Pleasant Valley Park has in store for the Raiders. 





Raiders 3rd and 4th grade 14 vs Northland Chiefs 20 

What a game, and you have to be proud of our young Raiders on how they didn't give up. Down 14-0 at halftime, the Raiders scored 14 unanswered points in the second half to tie the game. In overtime the Chiefs scored on 4th down but were unable to convert the extra pt. The Raiders turn on offense included a holding penalty that brought back a game tying TD. The final play was so close to delivering the TD the Raiders needed, but the ball fell just out of the Raiders receiver's fingertips.


Raiders 5th and 6th grade 36 vs Northland Chiefs 0 

The Raiders scored early and kept the pressure coming. There were fantastic runs by the Raiders backs with great blocking, and some very stingy defense. This Raider team is fun to watch and it has been rumored that Coach Cascone says "if they can go undefeated he will invite everyone to a free meal at Cascones". Coach Simone said he will supply all the coffee!


Raiders 7th and 8th grade 32 vs Northland Chiefs 8

In a hard hitting game the Raiders showed many weapons on Offense, and a very good defense.  The halftime score was 32-0. Up next for the 3-0 Raiders will be the Giants. Coach Duze says the key to victory with this team has been the thirsty Thursday meetings when the coaches get together to discuss strategy.







8:45 am                 Competitive Flag     Chargers 21 vs. Raiders 20

4:00 pm                Developmental Flag        Chargers 12 vs.. Raiders 7

5:15 pm                Instructional Flag              Chargers 0 vs. Raiders 25


3rd and 4th Necco Raiders 38 vs. Chargers 0 

This week during 3rd and 4th grade practice the focus all week was "the Little things". Those little things helped lead to much improvement Saturday. The Raiders Defense was hard to break, and the Offense was sharp. It is fun to watch this young Raider team learn the Raider Way, and put their talents together as a team.  Raider nation should be proud of how far this team has come since the start of the season.



5th and 6th Necco Raiders 41 vs. Chargers 6 

The Raiders were in a dog fight early, but they kept working and fighting and took charge in the second half. The Raiders put on a display of their many weapons and fantastic defense. This team is fun to watch with so many good experienced Raiders on the roster. Make sure you come watch this exciting football team.  


 7th and 8th Necco Raiders 14 vs. Chargers 0

What a game! It lived up to the billing as a NSYFL battle between two of its best teams. The Raiders took the lead on a pass from Roush to Grice in the first half to go up 6-0. The second half started with a back and forth battle with no scoring. In the final minutes of the 4th qtr. the Raider offense went on a back breaking final drive capped off with a TD run by Gray. The real story of the day however was the Defensive effort the Raiders gave. The Raider defense delivered over and over, led by Mordecai, Streich, Lagas, Mackie, Chandler, and O'Neill along with front line players Thornton, Heyne, Mertz, and Watt. These 7th and 8th grade Raiders are the ultimate definition of Team. No Superstars but many good football players that play very well together as a Team. They are a shining representation of the meaning of #73.


It was a great day to be a Raider


Tomorrow kicks off our first full schedule of games at Raider Field. Many good matchups are on the schedule, and one mammoth game will be played. GAME DAY at RAIDER FIELD!!! Raider Nation puts on a great show, and creates a great environment. Let’s FILL THE HILL Saturday for our big matchups with another great organization... the Chargers.    


The future of the Raiders is shining bright this year. We have full rosters on all 3 flag teams and a lot of bright young talent, with good energetic coaches. The Flag program has been restored to a level we can be very proud of. Come out and support these youngest members of the Raiders as they put their competitive skills on display for Raider Nation.

8:45 am                 Competitive Flag              Chargers vs. Raiders

4:00 pm                Developmental Flag        Chargers vs. Raiders

5:15 pm                Instructional Flag              Chargers vs. Raiders


3rd and 4th Grade Raiders (1-0) vs. Chargers (0-1) 

The Raiders have a very new group of Raiders with only a handful of returners from last year’s NSYFL Championship team.  However, as good teams do they have reloaded, and found a lot of new talent that is working through the learning curve of tackle football, done the Raider way. The team features two of the best running backs you will see in the league in Amari Richardson (#9) and Garrett Smith (#25).  The two running backs are only two of a group of very good players that are learning to come together as a team and reach their potential.  



5th and 6th grade Raiders (1-0) vs. Chargers (1-0) 

The 5th and 6th grade Raiders may be the pride of our organization this year. They have two classes full of very experienced, successful football players. With lots of talent in every position, the Raiders will look to rebound to championship form this year and should be very exciting to watch. They will face a strong opponent in the Chargers who won their first game of the year against the Longhorns 14-7.


 7th and 8th Grade Raiders (1-0) vs. Chargers (1-0)

This is perhaps the most anticipated regular season game of the year in the NSYFL. The Raiders 8th grade class have won the championship every year (6 Championships), they were the first Raider Flag team to win the championship, and have a chance to be the only team in NYSFL history to win 7 championships. However, they are not favored to meet that task, and are the underdogs in this game. Our Raiders have only one blemish on their record, a loss to the Chargers in 2012 in a regular season game. That same Chargers team will be coming to Raider Field after winning their first game of the season in commanding fashion against the Wildcats (49-12). Many people don’t believe the Raiders are up to the challenge this year. The word is that our team is too small, slow, and not savvy enough to match up with the Chargers. Come see how our 7th and 8th grade team answer their critics.


Dear Lord the battles we go through life, 

We ask for a chance that’s fair 

A chance to equal our stride 

A chance to do or dare


If we should win, let it be by the code, 

Faith and Honor held high 


If we should lose, well stand by the road, 

And cheer as the Chargers go by


Day by Day, we get better and better! 

Til We can’t be beat…






BELL MARQUEAS 8   POWELL AMAURY 5   Pearson Jayden  
DEFEO J.C. 8   MORGAN TYLER 5   Ward Boyer 3
DEAN CAMERON 8   LEONARD KAIDEN 5   Sansone Johnny  
BERG ZACHARY 8   DEFEO NICCO 5   Denison Landon  
CLESI COLE 8   COLVIN DRAIVYN 5   Smith Sullivan  
PALIDINO JAKE 8   BECK JAKE 5   Scheuerman William  
GATES BRODY 8   BEARDEN ISAAC 5   Stafford Rocco  
KUHN ASHTON 8   BAILEY HUDSON 5   Marsalla Frankie  
ERVIE MAX 7   Williams Javione 4   Lauhlin Kasen  
SHAFER GRAESON 7   MOLLE SAM 4   Graham Christian  
MACKLEY PARKER 7   BURNS BOSTON 4   Buckwalter Blake  
GUSTAVO ORTIZ 7   DIVEN KADEN 4   Chavez Mason  
WARD TY 7   REED TYSON 4   May Maximus  
JOINER DEREK 7   GATES BRAYLON 4   underwood Griffin  
COOK COLAN 7   WATIE RYAN 4   Pierce Martin  
DEPALMA GIO 7   HOLMAN JIMMELL 4   Hernandez Jaysaac  
MATTHEWS DAMIAN 7   KUHN KYLER 4   Underwood Gavin  
PETRIN BRENDYN 7   BREIT COLIN 3   Rodriguez Geovanni  
CASCONE LARRY 6   LOCKE KADEN 3   Feagans Easton  
GOSS EASTON 6   KELLEY TYREE 4   Simone Charlie  
JONES CAMERON 6   Massey Easton     Cox Johnfrank  
BERG JOEY 6   GRAHAM BRAYDON 3   Mitchell Preston  
GRAVES STEVEN 6   White Troy     Davis Kahne  
TERMINI GIORGIO 6   Williams Bo     Stafford Santino  
KUHN RYLAN 6   SHAFER ROLAND 3   Liberto Tommy  
JOHNSON BRAYLON 6   Strain Roman     Hargrave Cooper  
LAGUD JAKOBY 6   PENA GERARDO 3   Williams Cole  
SEWARD KRISTOFER 6   French Brady     Mane Marco  
WILLIAMS ELMOTIE JR. 6   Nanninga Kellon          
MOLLE CARL 6   Ervie Luke     Termini Frank  

Tonight is 2014 Wingman night!

Each player will be introduced to their wingmen. We welcome and encourage all families to attend and learn about the Wingman program.  This is always a fun practice and should get everyone very pumped for our first regular season game.






Please do not forget weigh-ins tonight at 5:45 followed by practice. The weigh-ins take place at Pleasant valley fire department. 6801 Sobbie Rd, Pleasant Valley Rd.



Division Ball Carrier Maximum weight
3rd/4th 90 140
5th/6th 120 170
7th/8th 150 unlimited 

Congratulations to the 5/6th grade Necco Raiders on their Simone Championship on Saturday over the Sharks. 3/4th finished runner up to the Longhorns and improved a great deal through out the day. The 7/8th grade Raiders lost in a 3 way tie to get into the championship, but had a very good day only losing one game by 3 yards. The league looks very competitive this year and it should be a exciting season.


Throwback Thursday. Your current members from the 7th/8th grade team back when they were only 3rd/4th graders.

Simone Champs 2010!!!

simone tournament schedule

August 12, 2014

The 2014 Simone Tournament will take place this Saturday. Schedule is out. The Simone Tournament marks the kick off to the new season, and always holds a lot of excitment and fun for the whole league.

The Necco Raiders will look to defend their championships from the 7/8th grade, and 3/4th grade divisions, as well as look to rebound at the 5/6th grade level. Get ready for a great day and make sure you get that Silver and Black on to support the Raiders!!!



7th and 8th graders 1st night of pads. MIGHT AS WELL!!!

Raider west workout

Hello First night of Full pads!!!!!! It takes me to a place called..........

Raider West Practice

Raiders doing their work in Steamboat Springs Colorado!!! MIGHT AS WELL!!!!


Necco Raider Football tryouts will begin July 28. Sign-ups will take place online and the registration is NOW OPEN. Make sure to choose Necco Raiders as your team. There is a cost to register ($75) and this fee will go towards your team fee. The NSYFL website has the information on how to register and the site is located at: www.nsyfl.com 


If you have questions please contact Anthony Simone at asimone@neccocoffee.com


All grade levels need more players in all positions.  Come join the Necco Family, and experience one of the most successful youth sports organization in the Kansas City area since 1984.  We are sponsored by the same organization that sponsors the Simone Awards for High school football.

At the Necco Raiders it is more than football. Come learn about #73, and Frienship, Courage, Love, and Champion.  Come see for yourself what the Raiders are all about.  

We look forward to meeting you and your family and you joining us for another great year of Necco Raider football.