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1. All players must be on a NSGHL team roster.
2. A player can only be on 1 NSGHL roster.
3. Rosters need to be submitted to the league by July 22, 2014
4. All players must participate in at least 5 games to be eligible for the playoffs.
5. A minimum of 6 players is required to start a game. No penalty will be assessed to a player or team that shows
up late.
6. Mouth guards and chinstraps are required. A penalty will be charged after a warning if not in compliance.
Playing Rules
1. The playing rules will be guided by the current USA /Massachusetts Hockey rule book.
2. All teams should be ready to start 10 minutes before scheduled start time and a 3 minute warm up will be allowed.
3. Mercy rule...any game where the goal differential is 5(five) in the 3rd period, running time will commence. If the score
reverts to less than 5 goals, stop time will resume.
4. Any game with 15 combined penalties will result in running time for the remainder of the game.
5. Any player incurring 4 penalties will be ejected for the remainder of that game.
Misconducts and fighting penalties will count as two penalties.
6 Fighting: Any player who receives a fighting major will receive a game misconduct and will be suspended the next
NSGHL game. Any player who receives a 2nd fighting major will be suspended for the rest on the season including
7. No time outs are allowed.
Divisions and Standings
1. 2 points awarded for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.
2. In case of a tie in the standings the tiebreaker will go as follows...


a. Head to head
b. Least goals against
c. Least penalty minutes (not penalties)
e. Goal differential ( goals for minus goals against)
f. Coin flip