2005 All Sandusky Bay Conference

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Representing Oak Harbor on the All Sandusky Bay Conference Baseball Team are:
1st Team: T.J. Grof & Shane Paule
2nd Team: Adam Grof & Stephen Sprouse
Honorable Mention: Tom Reinhart, Ryan Smith, Tom Laderach & Greg McNutt


2011 All District

1st Team
Josh Warnke

Honorable Mention
AJ Cecil
Mark Konieczny

2011 All SBC

1st Team

IF-Josh Warnke
OF-AJ Cecil

2nd Team

P-Mark Konieczny
IF-Phil Bryant

Honorable Mention

DJ Everett
Jake Scott
Brian Mallernee
Joey Mallernee

2012 Award Winners

1st Team All-Ohio: Brian Mallernee

District Player of the Year: Brian Mallernee
1st Team All-District: Brian Mallernee & AJ Cecil
2nd Team All-District: Mark Konieczny
Honorable Mention: Joey Mallernee

SBC Player of the Year: Brian Mallernee
1st Team SBC: Brian Mallernee-P, AJ Cecil-OF, Mark Konieczny-IF
2nd Team SBC: Cory Grotz-IF
Honorable Mention: Joey Mallernee, Phil Bryant, Logan Fisher,
Payson Galway

2006 All Sandusky Bay Conference

1st Team: Stephen Sprouse-IF
2nd Team: Adam Grof-C, Mitch Benner-OF
Honorable Mention: Tom Reinhart, Tom Laderach, Nick Clemons, Cody Grotz

2007 All Sandusky Bay Conference

1st Team: Steve Sprouse-IF, Mitch Benner-OF
2nd Team: Adam Grof-IF, Wade Ishmael-C, Kirk Tank-OF
Honorable Mention: Tom Laderach-IF, Greg McNutt-P, Nick Clemons-OF, Josh Stone-IF

2008 All Sandusky Bay Conference

1st Team: Wade Ishmael-OF
2nd Team: Greg Diefenthaler-IF, Phil O'Shea-P
Hon. Mention: Cody Grotz, Josh Stone, Rodney Wilhelm, Josh Warnke

2009 All-SBC

1st Team IF
Greg Diefenthaler

2nd Team IF
Josh Warnke

2nd Team P
Dillon Stiger

Honorable Mention
Phil O'Shea, Ryan Grof, Bill Durivage, DJ Everett

2010 All-SBC

1st Team IF
Josh Warnke

1st Team OF
AJ Cecil

2nd Team P
Damian McAtee

Honorable Mention
Alex Pavlica, Dillon Stiger, DJ Everett, Joey Mallernee

2010 All-District

District Coach of the Year
Rob Schimmoeller

1st Team
Josh Warnke

2nd Team
Damian McAtee

Honorable Mention
DJ Everett

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3 Rockets Named to 2005 All District Team

2005 All-District Team
The following have earned All-District Honors. Shane Paule was voted 1st Team, T.J. Grof 2nd Team and Stephen Sprouse Honorable Mention.

3 Rockets Named to 2007 All-District Team

The Oak Harbor Rockets named All-District for 2007 are: 1st Team - Steve Sprouse, 2nd Team - Adam Grof, and Honorable Mention - Wade Ishmael.

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