About Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a fun, physically demanding sport that requires good agility and quickness but allows players of all sizes to compete. Unlike football, smaller players can be just as successful on a lacrosse field as long as they can throw, catch and quickly move from one area to another. There are four positions on a lacrosse field that depending on a player's physical attributes and stick skills coaches will help place the players in. The positions are: 

 Midfielders - The workhorses of the team playing both offense and defense, specializing in the "transition" game. There are three midfielders on the field at all times and typically substitute every 3-5 minutes.

 Attackmen - Spend almost all their time on the offense half of the field, are quick on their feet, and typically the most highly skilled stick handlers - controlling the ball, passing to cutters, and shooting equally well with both right and left handed precision. Although offensive minded, Attackmen are critical to team defense, "riding" the opposing team as they attempt to clear the ball to the other end of the field. 

 Defensemen - A defensive player will use a stick that is longer to gain an advantage on Attackman to create distance and prevent them from penetrating to the goal. Defensemen must be quick, agile, and aggressive to recognize offensive movement and provide protection for the team's goaltender. They become involved in the offensive aspect of the game helping "clear" the ball to teammates making the transition.

 Goalie - Uses a larger stick, and padding will include a chest protector and throat guard. Goalies must have good eye hand coordination and be willing to face a solid rubber ball speeding towards them. The goalie is often one of the best athletes on the team, looked to as a team leader, and "quarterback" directing the defense during play. 

 Once a player learns to throw and catch and is placed in a position the rules of the game are learned rather easily. Each team must have ten players on a field, (1) goalie (3) defensemen (3) attackmen (3) midfielders. Each team must have a minimum of 4 players in the defensive zone and 3 players in the offensive zone (each zone is separated by a midfield line). The game starts with a face off at the middle of the field and the object is to run or pass the ball down the field to get into a position to shoot on a 6' X 6' goal. Lacrosse has both technical and personal fouls to protect the players. Technical fouls such as off sides are non-injury threatening fouls and carry a 30 second penalty, personal fouls are more serious in nature such as slashing or cross checking and result in penalties ranging from 1-3 minutes depending on the severity.

 For complete rules go to www.uslacrosse.org and you can learn more about the game.

Things You Need

It is never too late or too soon to start playing lacrosse. Players who begin playing in elementary school or middle school will have an advantage when they arrive into high school. 

The first thing that any lacrosse player needs to get started is a lacrosse stick. Any sporting goods store has sticks that range greatly in price. All higher-end stick heads are narrower than starter sticks which make it difficult to throw and catch when first starting out. Be prepared to replace this stick during the first season because once a player begins to develop their skills they will graduate to a stick that will allow them to control the ball better. Sticks and heads can vary depending on what position you play. 

The main resource for lacrosse of all levels is the US Lacrosse Foundation which can be located at www.uslacrosse.org. 

All players will need the following to participate. For new players OLC has loaner gear you can borrow:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder/Chest Pads
  • Arm/Elbow Pads
  • Mouthpiece (preferably colored)
  • Cup
  • Cleats
  • Lacrosse Stick

(Some equipment varies by player position and can be found at most sporting goods stores)


Rental Gear Pricing


Helmet -------------------------------  $25.00

Shoulder Pads -----------------------  $20.00

Arm / Elbow Pads -------------------  $10.00

Gloves -------------------------------   $15.00

Lacrosse Stick ----------------------   $15.00


First year players are allowed to participate in Oceanside Lacrosse’s Free Loaner Program. Equipment is issued on first come first serve basis based on your registration date; a $100.00 deposit to cover lost or damaged equipment will still be required.

Returning players may rent equipment from Oceanside Lacrosse at the prices listed above.