March 18, 2019

The 2019 season (our seventh year) will begin on Sunday, April 28th at 10 a.m. Registration is closed. There's a link on the side of this page for those that are interested in joining our waiting list or would like to sub. We depleted the list quite a bit this year, so you'll likely be asked to sub/join pretty quickly.

Below is a picture of last year's champions who rallied from being down six runs in the final inning of the championship game, beating my team and ruining my summer : )

Any questions, please email



Hello all,

Season six will begin on April 28th. We'll run through through the end of June. The schedule and rules are now online under handouts. Games will be on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.



The town informed us that we'll need to stay off the back field for the remainder of the season unfortunately, so we'll be using the baseball field for the remainder of the year. I changed the fields around for this week. This week's schedule is the following:

June 5th

Red (Home) vs. Blue at Middle School

Orange (Home) vs. Safety Yellow at Baseball field

Green (Home)  vs. Black at Middle Field

Also, similar to last year, due to the Pan-Mass Kids Bike Race taking place at the high school, we need to change the times for the week of June 12th. There will be two games held at the middle school at staggered times and a third game played at 10:45 on the middle field of the high school. If you are playing at the high school, please don’t arrive before 10:15 because Learning Lane will be difficult to get down until the race is completed.

June 12th


Blue (Home) vs. Safety Yellow at Middle field at high school 10:45 Start Time

Orange) (Home) vs, at Green at Middle School 9 a.m. Start Time.

Black (Home) vs. Red at Middle School 10:45 Start Time.

The weekend of June 19th, we'll begin the first round of the playoffs. More on that as the date draws closer.


Standings through four weeks:

Orange 4-0

Black Ice 2-2

Blue 2-2

Safety Yellow 2-2

Red 1-3

Green 1-3


2016 Season concluded

This year's champions are Orange Juice who defeated Black Ice in the final game. Thanks for a great season. There's a bunch of pictures from the final weekend of the season at our Facebook page (




Hello all,

We will begin our season this Sunday. The schedule and rules are posted on the website (under handouts). Due to somebody ripping up the back field of the high school with a dirt bike, we've been asked to stay off that field for a few more weeks. The three fields we will be using to start the season are the baseball field, the middle field at the high school and the field behind the middle school. As soon as we get clearance from the town, we'll begin using the back field at the high school and stop using the baseball field.

This week's games are the following:

Safety Yellow (Kenny) hosts Team Blue (Chilcott) at baseball field (located at Pembroke High School.

Green (Hill) hosts Orange (York) at Middle School (located at Pembroke Middle School on Route 27)

Red (Quatrale) hosts Black Ice (Phillips) at Middle Field. (located beyond the baseball field at Pembroke H.S.)

All games begin at 10 a.m.

Last week, all six coaches and a couple of longtime female players met to hammer out some rules and things that had come up on the season-ending survey from last year. A few changes were made. The full list is on the website under "handouts" but a few highlights:

Since our league is 2/3rds men, we'll be using a guy-guy-girl batting order all the way through the lineup.

We'll be doing playoffs again this year and all teams will make the playoffs. Details of how that will work are on the website 

No outside bats will be allowed. Only bats purchased by the league are allowed, No exceptions!

Thanks and looking forward beginning the year.






Hello all,
We received word from Pembroke Public Schools that we need to delay the start of the season one week because the high school fields were damaged over the winter and with the recent rain, they had concerns about injuries, further damaging the fields. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they also told us that we can use the softball field behind the middle school instead of using the baseball field this season. Therefore, we’ll have three softball fields and no longer have to use the baseball field.The start of the season will now be May 8th instead of May 1st. 
We will schedule a doubleheader one week this season (still figuring that date out) to make up for the delay of the season’s start. The coaches and some female players had a meeting tonight and discussed a few rule clarifications etc. Those changes and the schedule will be up on the website later this this week. We'll also send out a another email with opening day info.
We apologize for the delay but there really wasn't a workaround that we could come up with. 
Thanks and we'll see you out on the fields soon,


Congrats to Safety Yellow for having the best record and winning this year's championship. We were unfortunately rained out the last two weeks of the season which was a lousy way to end the year. If you haven't signed up for pickup games already, be sure to click on the link on the right-hand side. 


Welcome to season three of Pembroke Co-Ed Softball. The season kicks off on Sunday, May 3rd and will run through Sunday, June 28th. We had 88 players last season and remarkably 82 of them have returned. We've plugged in a few additional players as well. We'll again have six teams playing on the three fields and the games will begin at 10:30 a.m. Generally there's a group one of the fields about an hour early doing some batting practice and fielding. All are welcome to take part in that. There will be sliding again this year. We'd done away with it last year but the consensus from players last year was they wanted it back. There will be no hard sliding though.

We purchased some very good quality bats for each team. Some players felt there was some difference in the caliber of bat on each team, so this should level the playing field.

If you are on Facebook, please "like" our page at There is a link on here for schedule and standings.

Thanks and we'll see you out there soon,

Matt York and Patrick Chilcott


May 6th, 2015

Hello all,

The link below has the rules and regulations for 2015. Not much has changed except that we are allowing sliding again and we're also asking all teams to use the bats that we purchased. Each team has three bats of varying weights. When we did the survey last year, people wanted bats that were consistent league-wide. This was the best solution we could come up with. If things work out with them, we'll add additional bats next season.

Thanks and looking forward to a great season.