Important Player Information

Conduct Rules

1. Be constructive.

Work hard, lead by example, be positive and constructive in all criticism. If you have a personality problem with another player, talk to a coach one on one. If some part of your game is not going as well as you want, don't get down, get help; ask for individual instruction.

2. Take care of yourself.

Get maximum performance from maximum nutrition - foods and liquids. Eat a decent breakfast before weekend games, healthy snacks or meals at all times, including between tournament games - concession stand hot dogs and hamburgers are for fans, officials, opposition teams - not for you.

NO Smoking, Drinking, Drug Use will be tolerated. Failure to comply is an AUTOMATIC league suspension.

3. Be dressed to play.

Check your glove and cleats 24 hours before each game or practice (in case repairs/replacement is needed). Make sure you know where they are and are ready to go.

Arrive for games in a complete uniform, wear it smartly and with pride. Sloppy dress = sloppy play.

4. Use time wisely.

Show up NO LATER THAN 30 MINUTES PRIOR to a game. On arrival, hustle in and out of the dugout, be on the field in full uniform by 25 minutes prior, and get on with your pre-game warm up.

Our practices will be structured for maximum value in minimum time, so be on time for those, too. When we start as a team, we think like a team.

5. You play, we'll coach.

Let coaches handle disputes and disagreements while you focus on performance. Players are not to argue calls/decisions during games. Equipment throwing, abuse of park facilities, or swearing will get you removed from the game. Insubordination will put you on the bench. Co-operation in practice is just as important.